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Alright people, who's your pick to win it all?


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Well even being a UK homer, I can see how UConn seems to have a clear path to the gold.

Too bad my brackets are destroyed now though. I had Kansas going to the championship.

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Good call on OSU all of y'alls.

As a Buckeye fan, I kinda saw that slaughter coming... They were shooting cold all through the Big Ten tournament and it came back to bite 'em in the ass this time. Next year though, with that great recruiting class...

Will Rover have to endure huge success from Buckeye football AND basketball? :sure:

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As much as it pains me to say this, Duke is probably gonna win it all.

UConn underachieves and hasn't played to their potental all year. The most talented team in the tourney, BTW

Villanova looks to be underachieving as of late and with no big man prescence they'll get beat too.

That leaves the Blue Devils, who is kinda used to the bulls eye, gets the best from their opponent every night, and they never back down and just keep coming.

The only other team I root harder against than Duke is UK, so I'm not happy typing this.

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Well my boys gave it everything they had against the huskies, but to no avail. I am very proud of them though. Noone gave UK a chance in hell to win this game.

With that being said, UConn is VERY beatable. They get a big lead then take the res tof the game off.

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All the teams out there look beatable. This is probably the most wide-open I've seen March Madness in a while. My revised final four looks a little something like this: Duke, Memphis, UConn and Florida. Yes, I know that I'm not going with the popular wisdom regarding Memphis and Florida, but hey, that's what March Madness is all about.

Texas (if they get past West Virginia) will give Duke a game, but Duke will most likely be Duke and win. UConn looks beatable, but I just don't see Washington or G. Mason/Wichita being the team to beat them. I think I'm only picking Memphis because everyone else is picking Gonzaga or UCLA, but really, Memphis has a good team and Gonzaga and UCLA just look more beatable to my eyes. And Florida? That was mainly just a pick so that I wouldn't pick all the #1 seeds. Villanova has chinks in the armor that either BC or Florida will expose.

Not any in depth analysis, but I'll probably do as well with those revised picks as all the talking heads do. :P

And kudos to my UK Wildcats for giving a UConn a game. I sure didn't expect a game that close. If only they could have rebounded those missed free throws. <_<

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Okay, the Elite 8 stands at:






George Mason



Right now, I think that UConn has the best shot. If Texas keeps playing as well as they have, they could make a run.

That being said, I still think that Villanova can win it, but there are a few conditions that are necessary in order for it to happen

Allan Ray has to shoot much better than he did at Boston College.

Will Sheridan and Dante Cunningham have to play well.

Kyle Lowry needs to be the spark of energy for them that he has been all season.

Foye has to be on.

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