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Whoa - bengals extend Trey H for another year

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Yeah, anyone still thinking the philosophy of this team hasn't changed and it's the same old, same old, haven't been paying attention.
His extension also takes another one off the plate for when Chase is going to be due his new deal as well.

The gift that keeps giving !!

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I heard something on the radio that I thought was cool, but with no guarantees...

With the Back Together Weekend coming up and Saturday's big practice in the stadium, it would be cool if they started things off by going live inside the front office with Joe signing his brand new deal in front of the crowd !!

Make it happen Bengals !!

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I know Burrow, Higgins, and Wilson need to be done, but I want Reader back as well even with him just turning 29 a month ago.
Like T-Rex, Reader has done nothing but come in here and be a pro.  Not a guy I want to lose in the middle of the D-line at this point.

Still so stoked right now !!!

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Bengals welcoming cash over cap concept, I guess.  I would expect the Burrow deal to be structured in a similar manner.

The Bengals just ticked off some next offseason concerns.  Securing Mixon and Hendrickson at workable cap hits.


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I get that TJ, but my issue is I no longer view Mike Brown as having much power behind decisions being made anymore.
However, the minute an argument is made about the Bengals, it's because their owner is this or that.
It's a lazy viewpoint that no longer holds water.

Two things can exist simultaneously and should be viewed in that manner.
Mike Brown was a horrible owner, who was cheap and more than likely was a large reason the organization failed more than succeeded.
However, the organization that is minutely influenced by Mike Brown, has had great success in it's recent past.

What I take issue with is when people makes comments like, the Bengals are going to fuck up the Burrow contract because Mike Brown.
That again is simply lazy and not true.

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Mike Brown was a horrible owner until he hired Marvin Lewis.  Then probably became complacent when refusing to fire Marvin Lewis.    From that point they adjusted, revamped, evaluated, calculated, assessed, appraised, figured out, decided to build better football teams.     Brown don't get full credit until they win the whole thing, but there are some dated viewpoints.      Marvin Lewis had loaded rosters.  Zac Taylor has loaded rosters.   To a fan watching on TV does it really matter how those came about?

Not for me.   The recent FA periods, the recent contract restructures signal a shift in philosophy once again.    Sure someone from the Brown family could pop out and move backwards to 1991 at anytime, but it appears to me Tobin knows how to work with coaches to obtain productive players.    Now its just a question can they achieve the ultimate goal.


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