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2023 Reds

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I guess the only real question to ask about our 2023 Reds is...
How bad are they going to suck this year?
Not at all, a little, or a lot.

I'm going to go with option D, they are going to suck huge donkey balls.
On the plus side, if you want to just go hang out at the ball park, drink beers and socialize, the tickets will be cheap !!

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8 minutes ago, COB said:

Reds suck. 

Understatement of 2023.

The only thing that sucks more than the 2023 Reds, is the Reds ownership.
Those clowns couldn't lead a turd out of their ass, let alone the Reds to a World Series.

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The turd will figure it out without any help on their part. Unfortunately you can’t say the same if the Reds. This team is fucking doomed and the season hasn’t even started.

They will consider the season a success if the fans in the right field bar area lead the league in longest cup snake for the year…

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