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Counting down until Home Opener

September 11, 2022 vs Pittsburgh Steelers

Game Dey!!!

Round 5 (166): Tycen Anderson, DB, Toledo

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I guess they are not worried about WR or DL.  Still hoping a bearcat like Curtis brooks or Darren Beavers ends up with the bengals but looks like that’s not happening.  No WRs this draft.  My only big complaint is not adding to that room, specifically return skills guy 

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Jay Morrison
Anderson's 40 time was 4.36, a tick better than first-round pick Dax Hill and second rounder Cam Taylor-Britt, who each ran 4.38.

The Toledo native had an offer from Kentucky but elected to stay close to family to play for the Rockets.

2x captain. Played in 55 games.

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Anthony Cosenza
“The talent is there, the production wasn’t always. Traits the Bengals will love.” - Mel Kiper, Jr on Tycen Andersen

“How can you not love what the Cincinnati Bengals have done this offseason—between free agency & the draft. the Bengals are here to stay” - Louis Riddick

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Andrew Russell
Tycen Anderson: sharp out of his cuts, rocked up with a massive wingspan, violent tackler. 

Issues with pursuit angles and ball tracking. Unrefined in man coverage. 

3rd - 4th round projection. Ended 113 on the PFF Big Board.

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Mark Slaughter
Good bite from #Bengals DC Lou Anarumo on what he loves to share with every DB he meets with: 

1st and 10, Divisional game at Tennessee, 2 mins left, game tied, Awuzie vs Derrick Henry, Awuzie wins, this is the #NFL #Bengals

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Paul Dehner Jr.
 · 22m
Tycen Anderson says he wasn’t a two-time captain, was a three-time captain. Elected by his teammates, many of whom are at his draft party now. 

“I take it serious. I know I’m a leader and my voice needs to be heard.”

How serious? Currently finishing his masters in leadership.

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16 hours ago, GapControl said:

I like the FO taking leaders , captains, mature guys.  League needs more of that.

Agreed.  This dude was his high school valedictorian, 3 time team captain, can absolutely play special teams right away.  Great pick who will contribute and has the maturity to develop.  Great pick in my opinion.

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