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Counting down until Home Opener

September 11, 2022 vs Pittsburgh Steelers

Game Dey!!!

2021 Training Camp and Pre-season News and Chatter


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They take the field at 3 for first full team camp practice. I will be tied up at that time at work - so  won't be able to  throw up the relevant twitter obs until I clear free.  No public on the sidelines but maybe some of the die hards will make it to the bridge and put up obs from there. The beat reporters are likely best source since they will be on sidelines as normal.

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Mike Sando's annual QB tiers article (now in The Athletic) based on rankings and interviews w/ NFL GMs, coaches etc:


Burrow in at tier 2 - #14 overall. The accompanying paragraph:



14. Joe Burrow

Tier 2 votes: 27 | Tier 3 votes: 17 | Tier 4 votes: 6 | 2020 Tier: 2
Burrow played 11 games as a rookie, did not splash statistically and had a 2-7-1 starting record before suffering a serious knee injury. The league loves him, not just off his college career, but off what happened when he was on the field in 2020.

“The only thing I can go off is what I saw before we played him and when we played him,” a defensive coach. “This guy is talented. He really is. He is stronger in the pocket than you think, he’s got some elusiveness to him, and I think his accuracy is just top-notch. He has all the tools to be in the 2s and potentially be a 1 down the road.”

A defensive coordinator said Burrow, unlike some young quarterbacks, keeps his eyes up when moving around the pocket.

“I just feel like that kid has got something to him,” a head coach said. “It’s hard to explain. He just has great confidence, great swagger. You can tell he’s smart, does the right thing. He just has to see more football. He is heading in the right direction.”

Two GMs said the injury was part of the evaluation and it was premature to place Burrow in Tier 2. Multiple voters lauded the toughness Burrow showed playing in a pass-heavy offense without effective blocking.

“We beat the **** out of him and he kept coming back and popping up and making throws,” one voter said. “All the guys on our D-line were like, ‘Man, that dude is real, he is popping up, talking some ****, he is competitive, he is making throws, making plays with arm and legs.’ I was impressed, very impressed.”

Some feared the Bengals might not help Burrow sufficiently, although one voter within the AFC North said he was crushed when Cincinnati drafted receiver Ja’Marr Chase, Burrow’s former teammate at LSU. This coach said he would have been relieved if Cincinnati drafted a tackle instead, from a defensive planning standpoint.

“He gets rid of the ball, he knows where he’s going with the ball,” a defensive coordinator said. “I think this guy is going to be legit — like, legit legit. Carson Palmer legit. You can win with that dude. I think eventually he can be a 1 if Cincinnati doesn’t screw it up.”



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They had the presser on Twitter. It was pretty sleep inducing. Dumb questions were asked, Joe was Joe, time finally expired, mercifully. Only thing of note to me was Joe saying the knee was probably close to 100%, but with the news he’d be splitting time between practice and the rehab field I kind of figured that. Bottom line, no worries here.

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