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2020 Draft to be Postponed! UPDATE Draft back on, no public events


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Just read that the league will likely announce the postponement right after they announce the new CBA passed the players’ vote.

Speculation, though from well-placed people, is that they’ll delay it until late May.

The universe is against us.  

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37 minutes ago, AMPHAR said:

Dumb.  Just hold the draft with out all the fan fair.  Like they used to do back in the day. 

They should but that would mean giving up the $$$ the event generates. So they’ll cling to a delay as long as they can.

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3 hours ago, HoosierCat said:

It’s not the universe, it’s membengal. He made plans to go to the event therefore it got cancelled. :p

(In all seriousness I hope he can recoup the $$$ he laid out!)

I am pretty sure I am the cause of the plague, yes. I think i can reverse the points for the hotel and one leg of my flights. The Spirit leg I am less hopeful of recouping.

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