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2019 Season prediction thread


Final record  

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  1. 1. Final record?

    • 0-3 wins
    • 4-6 wins
    • 7-8 wins
    • 9-10 wins
    • 11+ wins
  2. 2. Playoffs?

    • Yes
    • No
    • PLAYOFFS???!?!?1!!!11

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This ownership is infuriating.  They have top shelf skill players like Mixon and Green, and some really good pieces on defense like our sick D line guys, and guys on the back end like Bates, Washington, etc. 

All they had to do was shore up the offensive line and the linebackers.  So like the liver-spotted dufus he is, Mike proceeds to do almost nothing.  Admittedly, they spent a first round pick on Jonah Williams to boost the o-line.  But when he goes out for the year, what did they do?  NOTHING.  

This non-reaction to losing Williams might be the most egregious example of Mike's philosophy of draft guys, then just go play with them no matter what, and do almost nothing else.  In his mind he's almost conceded the season already.  Get the tackle healthy, grab a qb with next year's top 3 pick, and count on the rest of the league to keep things interesting as we devolve back into the Washington Generals of the NFL.  

While I see all you guys picking 2-6 wins, and I understand it, I must disagree.  I see 8 wins.  Marvin's stupid ass cost us probably two games a year.  We're so conditioned to losing to almost any reasonably matched team, it's just baked into all our predictions.  We have Bengals Stockholm Syndrome.  

I'm counting on Andy to play well against the teams we should beat.  He's usually damn good against overmatched opponents.  Then I figure our new coach will be good for a couple wins.  He's young and expects to win.  Finally, we've all been fucked over by the universe for so long, Karma has to be doing a U turn pretty soon here.  That's two more wins.  Sending Marvin packing might have been the catalyst we needed to change things around.  

8 wins, we miss the playoffs, and our meaningless season prevents us from grabbing some high level qb.  Perfect Bengals season.  

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