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Preseason Game 2 - Bengals vs. Cowboys


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The next game is this coming Saturday at 7pm on the road in Dallas.

I would really love to see the defensive line starters mow over the Dallas starters with their new offensive line scheme from Alexander !!!
I'll settle with another solid outing from the group though the 2nd game however.

Outside of that, continue throwing John Ross out there for more snaps to get work in.
I don't want to see the starters out there for long periods of time for the most part.
More from Auden Tate earlier in the game.
Someone on the right side make a solid statement and take over those positions.
Greater effort from the 2nd and 3rd string players.
Either Barkley or Driskel making us feel good about our backup QB situation.

As always, no injuries in a game that doesn't count please !!!

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Yes.  Many thought he earned it at the end of last year.  I didn't know if he was going to get a fair shot at it though when considering the other players.
I guess I always just figured they would stick one of the high draft picks or Hart in there and be done with it.
Glad to see things may continue changing for the best.

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I have not been excited about this team at all this offseason. I've pretty much stayed away from most things football, so thought I would see what has been going on.

The return of Marvin pretty much made my hopes of this team go down in the trash. 

Hopefully I'm wrong, I'll still watch of course but I have no expectations about them at all.

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3 minutes ago, BengalszoneBilly said:

Just regular Andy to me. Leaving plays on the field...

It's the same 1-2-3 throw.  Not sure if he's getting more pressure than I realize (no regular/good replays and the same 2 commercials at every break is just stupid).

Not that the defense is looking much better, without Burfict they are so soft up the middle, even with Atkins.  Still not sure if Billings is the answer.

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