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Jeremy Hill says Trade Me


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the guy needs three things

1) get some counseling. His problems on the field start (and mostly end) inside his cranium. Confidence needs to be regained.

2) Work on ball security fumble prevention. I mean, actually work on it. Hire a guy who is an experienced linebacker but out of the league right now to hit him with the intent to dislodge the ball, over and over and over. This probably cant be done during the season, so it'll have to be done after the season is over.

3) Come to the crystal-clear realization that he is not a scatback, not east and west get to the edge, but a north south power guy. He still thinks he is in college and can beat guys with his speed and moves. This aint college.

If he does these things, he can be very productive for us

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32 minutes ago, TJJackson said:

If he does these things, he can be very productive for us

I doubt it.  Our o-line isn't good enough at run blocking to enable the power running game to be successful.  We need to run out of shotgun formations, get guys in space, use trickery, etc.

At this point Jeremy hill, scheme-wise, simply isn't a reasonable fit.

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IMO,  there's nothing wrong with Hill other than there are 2 backs that are more suited for the type of runs the Bengals want to use and that's there's only 1 ball.

In another thread the Bengals haven't been successful enough (37%) of the time to constantly feed 3 backs to make it worthwhile.  

There is 0 chance he resigns.   Get what you can for him.

Basically the Bengals need to focus on their main weapons so they move the chains, occupy the ball and run a handful more plays than what they've been doing.   IMO, they've tried to force Jeremy Hill into the mix out of loyalty instead of opportunity/need. 

It's hard to get that 3rd back touches when running plays are only 37% successful because at that rate (regardless of RB) you are putting yourself in bad down and distance and then not moving the chains and taking plays away from other weapons. 

Take the few touches Hill has been getting and give some to AJ Green, Gio, and Mixon.   Those guys will probably do more with them and then hopefully extend drives so then can work in some of the secondary weapons like Lafell, Boyd, and IF they ever get healthy Ross and Eifert, lol.

Bengals except for a brief time under Hue have never really been good at mixing in everybody.




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