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Tale of the Tape - Fisher


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So got up the courage to get back into the habit of watching the all-22.   My inspiration was Fisher starting at RT.  Keep in mind, I have no idea what I'm talking about.

I think it probably was the best RT performance in total (including Winston snaps) that they received all year. 

I think Fisher got beat inside by Shazier.   Forcing a throw away by Dalton.   That's about the biggest negative, I could find.    He did wiff on a second level block near the goal line.

Bengals still platooned Winston some during the game.   The Steelers were lining up Shazier an Dupree wide on the edge.   In my view Fisher handle the speed outside rushers very well and maybe a little better than Winston.

The thing that was pleasant surprise was how much push Fisher got in the run game.  Mind you, it wasn't Willie Anderson or Andre Smith jaw dropping but he did put #96 on his butt once or twice.   He was able to get up the second level and on reach blocks was able to get shoulders turned without losing too much ground.

I'd say it was encouraging considering the failure at that spot all season long.


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The roster has a surprising amount of talent.  Even though they've whiffed on some draft picks, some are starting to show well.  If they keep Lafell, they are looking great at receiver with AJ, Boyd, who has shown me a ton of ability and drive, and the aforementioned Lafell.  If Fisher can actually make it at RT, and we can get another year or two out of Whit at left, plus whatever lineman they draft in round 1 or 2, could be a good line again.  Coaching is the wild card.  

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Another thing I forgot to add and maybe it had something to do with the injuries the Steelers have sustained on the D-line.   I can't recall Fisher being challenged by a whole lot of bull rushers.

Going by bad memories it seemed speed and then bull rushers gave Ced O. a ton of problems.   He just couldn't handle them.   Something to watch the next two games.


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10 hours ago, TJJackson said:

so basically, as long as a rusher didn't use speed, power, or moves - Oogie Boogie was fine - right?

Oogie Boogie could handle them all IF they only used one, lol.   He constantly got switched up when a rusher would mix speed and then power.

Unfortunately for this all-22 review, I didn't see the Steelers attempt that.   Shazier and Dupree lined up extra wide and were content to let Fisher or Winston block them around out of harms way.

I think that will be something to look out for the next couple games with Fisher. 

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