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Bengals at Denver Game Thread (9/17/11)

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I didn't mind going for it on 4th down there. I just didn't like the play call. Run the damn ball between the tackles. If you aren't confident in your O-Line to get 1 yard, you need to kick a FG or punt.

What I really didn't like was going for two when they did. The 3rd quarter is way too early for that. And I wasn't a big fan of that playcall either. If you're going to design a play to isolate a WR for a 2-point converstion... make it A.J. Green.

Well I think after watching that play that running between the tackles wouldn't have gotten the yard either.

If you're talking about the 2-point conversion... I didn't say they should have run it there. I just didn't like the quick throw to a guy with questionable hands in an all or nothing scenario.

If you're talking about the 4th down... fine. But my point isn't that they would have gotten the 1st down. My point is that if you can't trust your running game to get 1 yard in that situation, you shouldn't be going for it at all.

I was thinking about the 4th down. I would have wanted a better pass play called. I don't want my QB exposed to an unblocked player. As for the 2 pt conversion, I want another option. Simpson wasn't open. He was covered like a blanket. Need to go somewhere else with the ball

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Im so freakin tired of this short yard crap and its the same with Gruden as well. Stop trying to get fancy and run it up the middle, if they want to be a power running game then thats what you do, or how about a freakin sneek when your at one yard!! I thought we finally got over that in the browns game i guess not!!!!

In Gruden's defense, they tried to run the ball on 3rd and short earlier in the game on 2 occasions. They got stuffed both times. The Bengals weren't exactly owning the line of scrimmage.

I was hoping they'd try the FG or actually punt. There was still 3:30 left in the game.

They tried to run the ball, but they ran to the outside, why not just pound up through the middle? Or how about a sneek, all they needed was a yard or less, sometimes i think they want to get to fancy when they dont need too.

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I agree about the 2-pt. conversion. I wasn't a big fan. I only saw that play once, but it looked like a catchable ball for Simpson. Dalton may have thrown it a bit too hard, if anything. If anyone here has seen that play mutliple times I'd be curious to hear your take on it.

You can watch it as many times as you want right here.

Dalton's throw was a little to hard, a little to high... but I'd bet Green comes up with that ball.

The first thing I thought was why didn't we run that to AJ.

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