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It's F'n Bratkowski!


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Reading Carson's post game quotes is appalling.

Talk about the last couple of minutes of that game:

“We felt like we had the game in control, and those two plays sealed our fate in this one. We had an opportunity to go into our bye week with a win and we didn’t do it. We were a little bit off all day. We were a little off on the last couple of plays. And that summed up the game for us.”

A little OFF? Reeeaaaallllyyy..... A little. Right.

How about the pick six? Just a little error to fix.

I'm sorry but Carson is done. Seriously, good luck in Buffalo. Hell, send him to Arizona for draft picks...

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And then what? promote Jordan Palmer? Sign Daunte Culpepper? He's playing like garbage, but it's not like getting a QB is easy. They can build around him. The coaching is the problem.

They can build around him? There's the vote of confidence in your multimillion dollar QB every team hopes for.

New slogan for the rest of the year--"We'll win--despite Carson!"

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Oh Brat's a huge part of the problem. One can only hope that he's gone after this season.

Palmer's comment "we were just a bit off today."

Ken Broo made a good comment about Palmer and the receivers concerning the timing routes they run. Housh was very good in Brat's timing route offense. Chad has been good in the past. TO is new and is still getting used to the system.

When Brat had his most successful years running his timing route style passing offense, we had a completely different offensive line. A better pass blocking offensive line. With the O-line play right now not pass protecting as well, Palmer doesn't look comfortable.

Brat still can't figure anything out. Can't figure out how to maximize his strengths and can't recognize his weaknesses.

The timing route style of passing just doesn't work here anymore.

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And then what? promote Jordan Palmer? Sign Daunte Culpepper? He's playing like garbage, but it's not like getting a QB is easy. They can build around him. The coaching is the problem.

Part of it needs to be done to put folks on notice.

You bench your QB. As they do on almost every other team. The phins benched Henne. The Bills benched (and cut) Edwards. They've benched Cutler. They've yanked plenty of QB's.

You fire the OC. So, sometimes mistakes happen, not the fault of anyone, a tipped pass, whatever. However, this is not chronic. Just take a look at WHY they were in that situation. Here is the sequence in which they lost the game.

You get the ball back with just over 3 minutes in the 4th quarter. You lead 21-14

Cincinnati Bengals at 03:17

1-10-CIN 41 (3:17) 32-C.Benson up the middle to CIN 41 for no gain.

2-10-CIN 41 (2:37) 32-C.Benson left tackle to CIN 43 for 2 yards (90-R.Miller; 94-K.Moore).

Timeout #3 by TB at 02:28.

3-8-CIN 43 (2:28) (Shotgun) PENALTY on CIN-84-J.Gresham, False Start, 5 yards, enforced at CIN 43 - No Play.

3-13-CIN 38 (2:28) (Shotgun) 9-C.Palmer pass short middle intended for 81-T.Owens INTERCEPTED by 25-A.Talib at 50. 25-A.Talib to 50 for no gain (81-T.Owens).

This is where the game was lost. On a reaction play due to the penalty. f**king PRE-SNAP PENALTY. Minimum, run it again and punt it away. Concede possession and get the D to get a stop. GRIND IT OUT.

The penalty is a coaching issue. You HAVE to escalate the repercussion, or repetitions, until they are out of the system. The only team I can think of who gets penalties like this are the Cowboys, with that fat sack of crap Wade Phillips.

This team had this game won, despite a pick 6 by Palmer. The Bengals capitalized off turnovers they created and "won" this game, except for the score, oh, and the coaching.

This is like groundhog day from Oakland last year. I feel like Bill Murray, taking a bath with the clock radio.

They MUST remove Brat from the equation. Keep subtracting elements until you find the faulty one. Asking for Marvin's head is an emotional reaction, and in another city a possibility, but not in Cincy.

Brat HAS to go.

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They MUST remove Brat from the equation.

Agreed, then tell the offense, hey, you guys just got your OC fired, think you can play with some discipline now? Let them know the status quo won't be tolerated, and people can improve. With no stick, sometimes nothing changes.

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I agree with everyone who says its the whole team. This team for years has done nothing but hurt themsevles, they get the ball moving then get a penalty, or turn the ball over.

How about the so called dynamtic duo of WR catch the ball, i have seen Chad Johnson drop more passes, and as well as TO has played he dosnt seem to fight for the ball, like on that INT that Palmer through. Maybe if these two cared more about football then there stupid reality life they would be better. Focus on the game, not what your going to tweet after the game.

This so called great defense has been nothing short of disapointment. They have missed more tackles then i have seen in awhile, and they are so out place. They are playing horrible team defenese, and bad gap control. You let Tampa run from there own 1 out to like the the 50 yard line, Keith Rivers was so out of his gap it wasnt funny. Zimmer better get these guys playing better, they are the same as last year, and they are play like crap.

There needs to be a leader on this team that takes over, and gets these guys fired up. Heck call a player only meeting do something, your season is in jeapordy and if nobody does anything about it, that will tell me that know one seems to care.

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