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Let's all make an agreement


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Kitna would be that "feel good" story that I'm sure most people would love to see back in Cincinnati. I'll just say, I was happy to see him go and would HATE to see him back. If he couldn't throw the ball downfield when we got rid of him, what would make anyone think he finally learned that one ??

Kitna needs to get into coaching as his intelligence about the game is far greater than his ability to execute it.

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I wouldn't mind bringing Kitna back, or Trent Green.

I think it's going to be Pat Ramsey as the backup next year. The Bengals almost traded for him after Kitna left the first time and he's on the cheap right now.

Anthony Wright is also available and I would prefer him over any of the Bengals re-treads available. I've had my fill of watching Kitna run around in circles in the backfield and game-killing INT's in the 4th quarter. If his arm was half as strong as he thinks it is, he'd be awesome!

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