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Bengals vs. Titans Official Game Thread


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Just win guys...

Dont know what to say,really...

3 minutes...to the biggest battle of our professional lives...all comes down to today...

Either, we heal, as a team, or we're gonna crumble...inch by inch, play by play...to we're finished, we're in hell right now, gentlemen...believe me...

and...we can stay here, get the s**t kicked out of us...or... we can fight our way back...into the light...we can climb outta hell...

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Here's the pregame injury/inactive news from Hobs...

The Bengals special teams, one of the few strong suits in November, took a hit early Sunday when leading tackle Herana-Daze Jones was put on the inactive list. Jones, a safety whose 17 tackles double his closest pursuers, has been battling a knee problem for the past month.

Also put down were right tackle Willie Anderson, defensive end Frostee Rucker, tight end Nate Lawrie, cornerback David Jones, linebacker Roy Manning, and center Dan Santucci.

Rookie Leon Hall got his third start at cornerback and Dhani Jones at weakside linebacker. With Robert Geathers back at left defensive end and Rashad Jeanty at strong-side backer and Landon Johnson at middle linebacker, the Bengals are trying to string together their third straight solid defensive effort.

The Bengals came up with their season-low 247 yards last Sunday against the Cardinals a week after giving the Ravens the previous low at 272. It's the first time since wins over the Browns and Lions on Dec. 11-18, 2005 the defense has held foes to less than 300 yards in two straight games.

The Bengals running game got a boost when Titans defensive tackle Albert Haynesworth was declared inactive. The Titans have allowed 166 rushing yards each of the last two weeks to Jacksonville and Denver without Haynesworth in the lineup.

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Am I the only one torn between wanting a slightly better flavor of mediocre for the rest of the year and enduring the continuing suckfest a little longer in exchange for some real change (e.g. a GM, a new DC, more scouting staff) and a higher draft spot?

As long as Mike Brown signs the checks, there will sadly NEVER be a GM in Cincinnati. He thinks he's as good as his father as an owner when the truth is he can't carry Pauls signature Fedora.

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