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Thurman in trouble again


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"Thurman, who was suspended all of last season and for all of the 2007 season by the NFL, was supposed to report to his Hamilton County probation officer July 24.

When he didn't, Probation Officers Liz Albert and Bob Lutkenhoff filed a criminal complaint against him for not reporting."

"Thurman, whose NFL career could be ended by this probation violation, must report Aug. 21 to Burlew to address the violation."


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This should make the appeals process interesting.

He was probably upset about not getting re-instated and said f**k it.

If I'm not mistaken, "non-reinstatement" ruling came through on July 25 and he violated parole on the 24th. Pretty clear what happened here. What a dummy.

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Love that quote Duus. Reading that gets me pumped for the season.

I've been threatening to make a t-shirt with that quote and proudly wear it around this city. The thing that stops me is that my wife has a genuine fear for my life. Too funny. (I do think I will do it someday ... sort of hoping someone creates it and I will just have to purchase it :D )

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If I'm not mistaken, "non-reinstatement" ruling came through on July 25 and he violated parole on the 24th. Pretty clear what happened here.

Yup. The timing of the ruling, as well as the statement about Thurman's ongoing problems, now make sense.

The denial of reinstatement came out early on the 26th -- the first stories started popping up just minutes after 9 am. That suggests the decision was made at least the day before, if not earlier. Per the pdf of the complaint against Thurman (linked on the Enquirer site) the complaint wasn't issued until sometime on the 26th, the arrest warrant issued on the 27th and, of course, no one appeared to notice until today. So, did Goodell know this when he made the call? Possible, but I would think, probably not.

That said, it certainly doesn't help his case. However, I wouldn't be surprised if this was the result of some kind of clerical/juristictional snafu. I'm sure Odell has been reporting to someone in GA all offseason. I'm sure we'll see.

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I'm confused.

Odell was eligible to re-instatement on the 11th, correct?

The commissioner had ALL that time to decide whether or not Odell could get back in the league.

The issue just sat there, and he (Goodell) bases it off a PO violation almost two weeks after the fact?

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Bottom line is that Odell is a mess and is simply not a reliable or trustworthy, or even a good, person. Sounds like his reinstatement denial has legitimate legs either way.

I won't miss him at this point. Yes I hope we can move on and get back to what's happening on the field.

... but that will only truly happen when the Bengals simply cut ties altogether. Much like the Bears did some time ago. Once they did that, it became a dead issue for them. The time has come for the Bengals to do the same. Closure.

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His violation of probation wasn`t filed until July 30th. Odell`s reinstatement was denied

July 26th . . .

Copy of complaint against Odell Thurman

I see the problem . . . in the copy of the file, they have,

they have his name as ODELA LAMAR THURMAN (wrong)

his Address I presume is right, but they have his

home town listed as MINTISELLO GEORGIA (wrong)


Maybe that`s why ODELL didn`t know to meet his PO ?

They sent it to the wrong person, in the wrong town . . .


Also, someone posted on my home board and said . . .

Lapham was on Lance's show today and mentioned this just after it broke.

Also, Lapham mentioned that the Bengals organization is the one that encouraged Odell to file his appeal. So Peter King is obviously full of s**t when he says the Bengals don't want him back. It also implies that the Bengals think the probation stuff isn't that big of a deal.

As for what Peter King said, this was what he posted in his Mail Bag Tuesday . . .

SHOULDN'T YOU BE WORRIED ABOUT BUCKEYES? From Henry of Columbus, Ohio: "Why is it that there aren't any details about Odell Thurman? Unless I'm missing something, this is a travesty that shows Goodell may be a little more of a "hanging judge." He failed one drug test and received a DUI. That's it. And he gets a two year suspension? His rep stated that he complied with everything, so what gives? If anyone should be getting a two-year ban, it should be Chris Henry or Pacman Jones, not Odell. Please help explain or I may lose all faith in the commish."

The fact is there's no way Thurman complied fully with all the tenets of his original one-year suspension, because if he had Goodell would have reinstated him. I can tell you this, without being too specific: the Bengals are not heartbroken that Thurman isn't back because he's an undisciplined guy, both on and off the field, whom the coaches don't trust. I can't make it any more plain than that. I don't think Thurman would improve the Bengals' defense much, if at all right now, because the coaches would always be worried about an incident off the field or a missed assignment on the field.


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Can anyone explain to me why we are caring about Odell's situation while training camp with the guys who will win games and get into the playoffs are sweating their svelte a$$es off?

He's not part of the Bengal picture. Time to move on.

Sure he is. Maybe not this year, because of Goodell,

but Mike Brown said publicly that he wants him back,

the Bengals had a room ready for him at Training Camp,

and encouraged Odell to file his appeal.

Sounds like they want him to be part of the picture to me . . .

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