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  1. and that Thursday night is NFL Network only. I HAVE NEVER watch Bengals Thursday game because it is ALWAYS on NFL Network and I don't have that channel.
  2. only 6 qb in 15 years?? didnt rodgers and brees win one superbowl each during that 15 years?
  3. NFL Playoffs

    this is something I will never understand, Mike Brown or whoever in front office dont believe in pay Guards money as they are worthless to him. then what the hell was they thinking when they draft Zeitler at first round
  4. NFL Playoffs

    since you got screwed on both. please say "Go Patriots, go Steelers" for this weekend
  5. Minny game thread

    I know most will be shocked at my comment but here is what I did this morning. I woke up and walk to tv to turn on game and see the score as Minn 17 and Cinn 0, I turn off tv. yep only 5 sec of watching today for me.
  6. Browns @ Bengals Game Thread

    Maybe he did try, I doubt Zimmer is classless at all to accept the job and cause Marvin Lewis get fired. I bet you if Mike did that to Lewis then Zimmer wont want to work for that scumbag.
  7. NFL Boycott? Are you watching?

    dont understand your comment at all, are you saying you rather watch 49ers vs browns on primetime than Steelers or Patriots??
  8. Bengals @ Titans Game Thread

    what I miss the most this year is Peko. never understand why you guys want him to go, our rushing defense sucks this year for a reason and answer is Peko.
  9. Just not feeling it

    but yep I notice that about you guys. it is very unusual low amount of posts during season compare to past. I always love to come in here everyday and read new stuff you guys post and comment during season from whatever other sites. this year not much, example last night I come to check and last post was 16 hours before, I dont see that last year lol.
  10. Just not feeling it

    not me, I still am very interest in Bengals and NFL. I will never be boring of it. you guys are allow the politics of NFL affect your enjoyment of NFL games. yes Bengals sucks now but I still watch and cheer for Bengals no matter what. did you guys stop watch Bengals in 90's while their suckness era??? I didnt.
  11. Bengals trade Mccarron to the Browns

    why worry? Browns will ruin him like another hundred qbs play for them lol
  12. Bengals trade Mccarron to the Browns

    fuck browns, now instead of 2nd and 3rd, we get nothing offseason when he sign with someone else
  13. Which kicker makes the team?

    I will never understand you guys, why is Elliot better than Bullock????? Elliot missed 3 fg and 2 extra points so far with none of then being blocked, while Bullock missed 2 fg and 0 extra pointa and one of missed was by blocked.
  14. Packers Game.

    and Burfict coming back next week
  15. Packers Game.

    yes you are, dont you dare to wake up for good.