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  1. Packers Game.

    and Burfict coming back next week
  2. Packers Game.

    yes you are, dont you dare to wake up for good.
  3. Packers Game.

    I expect this, Ravens and Texans is defense team while Packers is offense team
  4. Packers Game.

    yes, but I am confusing as my brother is Dolphins fan and I remember he SUCKS as their OC
  5. Packers Game.

    sorry but it was not, it never was out of his hand until ball hit ground, by the rule ground cant cause fumble
  6. Is Andy Next?

    agree with this, after all every player is humans so they all have strengths and weakness. Dalton weakness is become crap under pressure. I think I am going to cheer for Browns go 0-16 this year and hope Hue got fired so he come back to us lol
  7. Is Andy Next?

    tired of this crap, you guys forgot that he was consider for MVP before he got hurt 2 years ago??? a player dont get consider for that if he sucks lol. OL is obviously the problem here. Dalton is not design for this. QB like Vick is design for this suck OL but that dont mean Dalton sucks.
  8. Zampese just got fired

    I am happy he is fired and I am sure players are but the question I am wondering about, is player happy about Lazor being new OC?
  9. Texans @ Bengals Pregame Chatter

    one of you will come out happy even if result is 0-0 tie like Hoosier say?
  10. Burfict Extended

    perfect using of suspension time
  11. Fake Game 4: Bengals @ Colts

    cut down to 53 was never before 4th game it is always like now, after 4th game. it was cut down to 75 I believe before 4th game which we dont do anymore
  12. UPDATE: Burfict Suspended 3 Games

    forgot to add, do I think he deserve 5 game suspensioin for that? NOPE
  13. UPDATE: Burfict Suspended 3 Games

    it might be legal hit but I keep on watch that video. I see NO REASON for him to hit that guy other than for heck of it. dirty player as usual. but I do still want him to stay as Bengals as he is damn good player but wish he grow up and stop act moron. his TD celebrating today was over the line, it digust me. in a way he remind me of Chad Johnson.
  14. Fake Game #3. Bengals @ Redskins.

    bet you if Dalton play that day, Hill fumble and defense lost self control wouldnt matter because bengals would score something in first 3 qtr and score more than just 16 at end.
  15. Fake Game #3. Bengals @ Redskins.

    u seriously forgot the 2015 season?????? Bengals was 10-2 with Dalton before he got hurt in 13th game, Bengals was in race for 1st seed before he got hurt. he got 25 td and only 7 ints that year. last year was bad not because of him but because of 2 fuckers who leave us, Sanu and Jones plus Aj green, Eifert and Gio miss alot of time last year so where was the targets for Dalton last year? but yet he still made 18 td and only 8 ints with crap wr corps last year.