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  1. Pre-season games.

    good, glad it was not stolen
  2. Pre-season games.

    cool, wish i read this earlier, my mom is there working at one of food stand
  3. Camp Thread

    I am glad there is fights in practice as they need practice this to be prepared for Steelers. as in they need pratice control themself, not practice the fight itself lol.
  4. Good Article on WR Routes

    I know for sure I will find Calculus easier as I am math genius and I take that during high school ;)
  5. We Suck

    who cares, I am fan of Bengals no matter what. I dont care about what team other people are fan of. I will be fan of Bengals even if I am last one left. those on top are made of fans who know nothing about football but pick them because of their popularity.
  6. William Jackson

    i have something to add, Chad Johnson. people loves him and he is very talent player. Bengals lucky to have him. it is him who made our QB look good. but when he go to Patriots. we found out he is fucking moron who cant fucking read playbook. Imagine how much Bengals players and coaches suffer during his time at Bengals, just because fans only can see what they show on tv which is his talent, it dont show how idiot he is on tv.
  7. William Jackson

    no, u keep on going thinking u know better than whole staff on professional team. yes we can see who is better in talent wise, but maybe they are benched because they are morons who have hard time learn playbook or keep on having wrong timing on what they are supposed to do. those things is what we dont see. u list Simpson and Caldwell as example are just plain embrassing, what have they do since they left Bengals? NOTHING, THEY ARE NOBODIES
  8. William Jackson

    didint Joseph and Hall start during their rookie years under Lewis??? it proven lately cb we draft was not good enuf at their first year, get tired of hear this crap where Lewis play vets over young guys
  9. We are BACK!!

    here I am 20 hours later after your post
  10. How messed up is FA now

    I have been called worse than moron as well, words is just words lol, thats why I have no problem call some of you guys moron if I want to because I have been here LONG ENUF to know u guys can handle it with no problem. but I am curious do you guys agree with me on Mixon seems ready to walk away before push happen? and table cause the most damage not fist?
  11. How messed up is FA now

    I have some thing to say about this. What he did was DISGUSTING. but I am fan of Bengals not players, it is front office job. I will always support Bengals no matter who is on fielld. I HATE Chad Johnson but I still cheer every time he get a TD. I never punch anybody in my whole life, anyone who punch other people is MORON. I have someone beat me up before all i did was grab him and hold him down until other ppl come in to hold him off. my nose was bleeding but I didnt punch him back, it is unnecessary. There is 2 thing i want say abou the video, you all maybe didnt notice but before that push Mixon did turn and seems ready to walk away. other thing is I believe table did the damage to her face not his fist.
  12. 5th Round #1: Jake Elliot, K, Memphis

    perfect on PATs is what Bengals need
  13. 2nd Round: Joe Mixon, RB, Oklahoma

    where u get those picks info from, i am watching espn and u get picks in way before mine
  14. 1st Round: John Ross, WR, Washington

    nice last name, "Red Dick" lol
  15. 1st Round: John Ross, WR, Washington

    or that pick just give us new triple wr threat like Cj, Housh and Henry was