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  1. 2018 season

    On a business note, I found this interesting: http://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/22212592/atlanta-falcons-drop-prices-make-more-money-mercedes-benz-stadium-concessions Maybe Katie (pumpkin) can do a book report on this.
  2. Potential Coaching Candidates

    Hurt is a redshirt sophomore. /sarcasm alert/ You see, there's this thing called football practice. It's there that these football coaches gain insight about who is capable of doing football things. They wouldn't have put in the Frosh if they didn't already have a strong understanding and expectation of what he could do. Thing is, most NCAA teams don't have the abundance of talent from which to have such options, like at Alabama. Teams in the NFL have very rigid hierarchies, seniority, etc., so they don't dare take risks like that, because to have it go wrong and then be hounded, like Maroney was after he installed Peterman, or fired like McAdoo when he did the similar thing with Webb. NFL teams won't take a 'shake it up' gamble, unless it's a true changing the guard move. He didn't have much choice if he wanted to win. He had the talent, capabilities understood, to put in to see if they could overcome the deficit. I see it as his only option. It worked.
  3. Holy crap.....

    If it was about performance, he'd have been gone at other junctures. Yet, he survived several HCs and had short periods of success with others of awful play and bad personnel decisions. this move does smack of scapegoating but how can someone do worse. At minimum, there will be a new whipping boy, all fired up to get the most out of whoever ML and SoP pick for the oline in FA/draft.
  4. Important to remember....playoffs 5 years

    we all know the definition of insanity. so, that's where we are. If the Brown family can't see how or why there are so many team in the playoffs who were bad the year before then there's no hope. as it is, there's no hope. You only have to point to Sean McVay to see what SHOULD happen: housecleaning. and it didn't so this garbage will continue. in the short tem, lets hope they sign a FA or two to the offensive line, grab a top LB or three in the draft and clean up the roster of the junk (Eifert, Ogbuehi, Fisher, Minter, Jones, Hill, Bodine, Smith, Winston)
  5. Holy crap.....

    having no coach is better than Alexander. I bet a trained dog would be better .
  6. Lewis given 2 year contract

    I agree with this approach. For one thing, I can't see myself being a true fan of another team. It's almost like a horribly dysfunctional relationship, where we get abused but keep coming back. Lewis is our Ike. The real test (beyond the last 15 years) will be if we spend any money on this team. But just understand that the NFL is socialist, so by spending any money on the NFL, you support the Bengals. You'e welcome.
  7. Lewis given 2 year contract

    Well, 2018 Bengals football is shaping up like a steaming pile of the same shit as every year since Lewis' first extension. Fuckall.
  8. Potential Coaching Candidates

    Let's delete this topic, it's just too depressing.
  9. Potential Coaching Candidates

    At least a dumpster fire throws off heat.
  10. Potential Coaching Candidates

    I'd be interested but I don't think he'd come to Cincinnati. He'd butt heads with this ownership. He would bring some fire, though. I think this next HC will determine what happens with Dalton, and to some extent with Green. If they go to a turd with not much to offer, like if they promoted a guy like Lazor or Simmons, things could get ugly quick. My first person to interview is Pete Carmichael. Then the young guy who's the ostensible OC at the Rams. Then I'd look at a guy like Mike Leach. They need new fresh energy and ideas. That's not coming from a retread like Fisher or Lovie.
  11. R1-12 Mason Rudolph QB Oklahoma State R2-44 Brian O'Neil OT Pittsburgh R3-76 Mike Gesicki TE Penn St. R4-108 Josh Allen OLB Kentucky R5-140 Armani Watts S Texas A&M R6-172 Beau Benzschawel OG Wisconsin R7-204 Rahsaan Evans MLB Alabama No idea on comp picks or other picks they might have.
  12. Bengals @ Ravens game thread

    They gonna lose.
  13. Bengals @ Ravens game thread

    Dalton locks in on Green. It' ss oobvious, the defense just has to have eyes. Such poor plays. Dalton has to stop staring at Green on plays to him.
  14. Potential Coaching Candidates

    Fisher, McAdoo, Lovie, there's lots of bad coaches they need to avoid. Like the plague.
  15. Bengals @ Ravens game thread

    Dre Kirk was pathetic on that 4th down run. Incredibly weak.