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  1. Yep, it was time. If we don't draft another USC linebacker that's fine with me. Best wishes FNR.
  2. Wake me when they cut Rey and Adam.
  3. I just watched the video, and he's just an idiot who had a penchant for finding trouble. I can't think of any valid reason to keep him on the team. Not one. Goodbye Adam.
  4. I would have liked for them to tag Whit and make a run at Calais Campbell. Would be great to see Campbell, Dunlap and Atkins wreak havok. Maybe add a guy like Anquan Boldin, since he's good for 65 catches, and lots of first downs. Michael Floyd is another they could have taken a run at who is productive. Keeping Rex would also have been nice. Cut Jones, FNR, MJ, they could have had the $ to be more aggressive to avoid this window closing (which I think is getting close to shut).
  5. Tory James was a decent signing, as was Antwan Odom but that was back before the previous window closed. They paid for Dexter Jackson. They went and got Jeff Burris at a time when no one wanted to come here. Thomas Howard was an impact FA. Less signings on offense but they've had a few over history. Garrison Hearst, Cedric Benson most notably. The botched Antonio Bryant deal was hilarious, as was Michael Westbrook. Lavernaeus Coles didn't do much.
  6. I would have preferred Zach Brown but Minter makes the team better than not better. If they keep FNR, then they'll be saying they just don't care, as he doesn't contribute on ST. I could see Taze, Minter and LNR as starters. Put the best 3 out there. Agree on Vigil. Good back up, ST guy. If they take Foster or McKinley or Reddick, I'd be pretty happy. Foster has to be OK health wise (shoulder) or pass. They don't have the luxury to have a r1 guy sit (again).
  7. He can block just fine. Certainly better than Uzomah or Kroft. TEs at Bama have to block and he was decent.
  8. He will be an upgrade over Dansby maybe not a Thomas Howard level player but he will be a positive addition. I doubt this changes the view as to drafting LBs, since they're is not much depth. Honestly, I'm not overly concerned with the defense. They do need Hardison, Billings and others to step up, so yes that's an open question. But adding an impact DE could right the D-line pretty quick. Add another LB and secondary depth and they should be solid. The Oline is where this team will succeed or fail. It's the only thing that could really, massively implode, which would mean this team will be drafting in the first seven in 2018. Absent competent Oline play, Dalton and Green could have career low seasons.
  9. They can certainly use Howard. I'd prefer on of the upper tier DEs but if they go, and Howard is there, they should snag him. There's something about how two TE route combinations create epic mismatch problems. It would open up things for AJ, and the run game. To my mind, it's a no-brainer.
  10. This is a decent signing. He will be more than adequate in replacing Dansby.
  11. Or at least some kind of royalty. Those urinal cakes don't pay for themselves.
  12. I agree with the staleness sentiment. Can't pinpoint of its the whole league or just Bengals fans. Our striped glasses do shade things a particular way. Last night I spent some time looking through our old mock drafts. So much debate and discussion. Often our ideas were spot on (HoosierCat predicting Geno, Gio, AJ) or way, way off (a prediction that Keuchly would bust). But there was epic discussion. Now, it's just a void. We've (some) have had life priorities change our level of participation and discourse. Some have moved on. Some still here, keeping this place alive and vibrant, with new names adding to the mix. I see this team as catharsis, and often it isn't pretty or positive. But that's life. I value all the ppl who stay engaged, and those who once were but now do as life dictates. It's all good. The NFL is just entertainment.
  13. "make sure" = don't sign anyone. This is not how you win.
  14. It's amazing. Quality has a cost. Damnedest thing.
  15. I think the top guys (Garrett, Thomas, Barnett) will be gone by 11. I hope they don't reach and take Taco there, if Howard or one of the WRs are sitting there. There are many DEs to be had a bit later ( Hall, Willis, Kpassagnon). Oline in r2 is smart, one of the good guys (r1 grade) will fall, like Lamp or Moton. R1 and r2 must be impact players, given the abject manner in which they let talent leak out off the team.