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  1. All these years.....

    Heck yes old chap
  2. Steelers @ Bengals MNF Game Thread

    I’m very happy. F Pittsburgh
  3. Steelers @ Bengals MNF Game Thread

    I’ll shut up now.
  4. Steelers @ Bengals MNF Game Thread

    D gone soft.
  5. Steelers @ Bengals MNF Game Thread

    Finley is dreadful dang
  6. Steelers @ Bengals MNF Game Thread

    James Conner out for shitsburg
  7. Dunlap traded to the Seahawks

    Explains Seattle being in the market: https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/30245585/seattle-seahawks-veteran-defensive-end-damontre-moore-suspended-six-games-pay
  8. Titans @ Bengals Game Thread

    How many starts does that line collectively have? Maybe 12.
  9. Jaguars @ Bengals Game Thread

    Why did they draft Burrow if they knew he’d get massacred?
  10. Jaguars @ Bengals Game Thread

    Fantasy island
  11. Bengals @ Browns Game Thread

    They suck worse.
  12. Offensive Line Draft Talk Thread

    Citing video evidence is powerful, especially in sports. Mine own eyes and all. don’t tell me how we don’t know the play, block scheme, assignments etc.
  13. General Training Camp Thread

    It’s sad for Burrow.
  14. Mixon Extended

    Bobby fuckin Hart. Dammit
  15. RIP Ken Riley

    This is a bummer. One of my favorite players. Ugh.