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  1. Not terrible.
  2. OHoping they snag underrated corner from Minnesota, Jalen Myrick. Guy has great speed and ability.
  3. I don't get it. Worst pick in draft. Has tiny arm equivalent of trump tiny hands. That's said, he's probably going to start.
  4. Jason Shirley
  5. The son of my boy's HS coach just got drafted by the Falcons. Sean Harlow, OG from Oregon St. Congrats Sean! His Dad, our coach is Pat Harlow, NFL OT for Patriots and Raiders.
  7. I guess kicker but if it's not an offensive lineman, I fear TJ will need a wellness check.
  8. Sharpe and Banner available. Not dogshit.
  9. Maybe before you carry on watch some film
  10. Even drafting anything but a pure project is an admission of their mistake and we know they don't confront mistakes until they've fully imploded. We will see Ced at LT come hell or high water. Hoping Dalton isn't concussed in process.
  11. He pass rushes pretty well. I see him more of a LB but never know how they will use him.
  12. This is a good selection. Tough guy. Stay healthy and he and Willis could relegate Clarke. Could also see him blitzing on 3rd downs from the WILL.
  13. @TJ give us Siragusa and Bisnotoway, then take Jalen Myrick, the corner from Minnesota.
  14. Why would there be not enough touches for Mixon or Ross? Mixon will surpass Hill in training camp. It won't be close. Ross will keep LaFell off the field.
  15. I like idea of taking Gonzalez. Points from kicks win or lose games, as we've seen.