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  1. Week 2 - Ravens Talk

    I think that's reasonable. Smiles all around, Billy!
  2. Week 2 - Ravens Talk

    Better than a cast.
  3. Week 2 - Ravens Talk

    I followed the game on my phone from the chain gang at my son's HS game. Our guys won on both counts. Great night. Just wait till Preston ANS Vontez are on the field. I think this team could be a 5 seed. Seriously. I do.
  4. Week 1 - Colts Talk

    I, too, surprised they won. It's a game type that they'd usually lose. Maybe its a different fortitude. Last two games they stole the victory. Luck back to his usual elite play. Dalton didn't make a fatal mistake. Probably wants that screen lob back, though. Mixon looks strong. I saw margus Hunt got a couple sacks. Good for him. Hart was dreadful. What to do about the RT?
  5. Auden Tate, WR - 7th Round

    It's amazing to me that Ced's incompetence hasn't gotten Andy or a running back seriously injured. He's got to go. Which might sound cold but he's as terrible of a tackle as I've seen in a very long time. I honestly can't believe he gets on the field at all.
  6. Preseason Game 2 - Bengals vs. Cowboys

    All true but it's preseason. Which reveals and confirms whatever biases we all hold.
  7. Iloka Released

    Something tells me this is the year of serious roster shuffling. Cuts: Iloka.. I'm not seeing the financial reason, other than the Brown family is cheap af. M. Johnson.. Doesn't get to the qb the way Willis or Lawson do. He's not a 3 technique, either. Cody core.. There's lots of good wide outs, Malone, Ericsson, Boyd, Tate. Plus Mixon and gio are exemplary guys out of the backfield. Maybe cut: Dennard... Isn't the player they thought he'd be. Guys like Bates, Russell and Shaw are suitable slot guys. Hewitt... With schreck, uzoma, kroft, there's not much need for Hewitt. Unless they feel like Eifert can't produce. Cedric.. What can really be said. He's not very good at all for half the price. The spots I'm concerned about are linebacker depth and backup qb. I would not be surprised if they snagged another linebacker and a veteran qb (Stanton, Manuel, cardale Jones, Grayson might be there to grab)
  8. Iloka Released

    Right now, it makes the D less experienced, and it's minor financial savings. Considering how they'd paid Hall and Jones far bigger dollars for far worse performances. Can Bates handle the job? We can only hope. Maybe SoP has his eyes on a receiver who can step in (a laTab Perry).
  9. Auden Tate, WR - 7th Round

    He didn't show very much on ST but neither did anyone else. Perhaps the release of Iloka means they'll be light at dB and be heavy at wr? Tate is interesting but big slow wrs don't do much for me. Maybe he will be kept if they believe Eifert won't be available. This team roster feels unsettled with iloka being dumped and ogbuehi kept (so far).
  10. Preseason Game 2 - Bengals vs. Cowboys

    Winning is immaterial, as you rightly point out, doesn't mean shit. The first teams looked awful.
  11. Iloka Released

    Saw a report that Iloka is being released for financial reasons. It's a head scratcher.
  12. Mike Brown Thought of the Day

    A high water mark, for certain. Let's commit to some glory day Sundays this fall, everyone shit posting the play by play. Any takers?
  13. Preseason Game 1 - Bengals vs. Bears

    It's clear now why lafell was given his escape.
  14. Preseason Game 1 - Bengals vs. Bears

    100%., so who do they let go to keep him?
  15. Auden Tate, WR - 7th Round

    Jeez, Dre looks awful. Does he not care about the film he's giving everyone? Most vids of him this camp are of him getting toasted by poor effort.