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  1. Offensive Line

    You’ve got to go back to FA Bobbie Williams and Mathis to find competent line signings. That’s an ownership issue. To ignore the role ownership played in this debacle is naive and uninformed.
  2. Offensive Line

    Fat Andre is better than Hart. Lord
  3. How bad is AJ hurt ??

    Hopefully a minor sprain, cart used for convenience/ abundance of caution. Hopefully.
  4. Good on Taylor but WTF Marvin?

    Don’t let it bother you, he was only here for about 2 freaking decades. It really makes one reconsider almost everything for which he had decision making authority. How many players did he sour in that are now out of football? I’d wager quite a bunch.
  5. Good on Taylor but WTF Marvin?

    There’s no angry face emoji that can reflect how this makes me feel. Holy cow.
  6. Draft pick grades after reading scouting reports

    This isn’t similar to that many in the last 5-7 years. The Ogbuehi year was joke like. This represents, to me, a fresh start. No Marvin draft addition by subtraction.
  7. San Diego best up Baltimore by playing 4-6 all dB package in playoffs. But ya gotta have the players. They might now.
  8. 4th Round Pick (A): Ryan Finley, QB, NC St.

    Excellent pick. Could easily have been a higher choice. He’s like a Goff, or even Matt Ryan.
  9. 6th Round Pick (C): Rodney Anderson, RB, Oklahoma

    I like the risk. Hopefully stays healthy.
  10. 6th Round Pick (B): Deshaun Davis, MLB, Auburn

    Nice choice.
  11. Draft pick grades after reading scouting reports

    I give it an A- but for another wideout, they’d did great, made moves and addressed needs. What a difference a young mind can make.
  12. 3rd Round Pick: Germaine Pratt, LB, NC State

    He favorably compares to Zach Cunningham, vandy guy I liked who was Texans second round pick. We got what they always wanted from Lamur. He’ll push to start.
  13. 2nd Round Pick: Drew Sample, TE, Washington

    If he gets that good we’ll all be smiling.
  14. These are really smart selections. Props.
  15. 4th Round Pick (B): Renell Wren, DT, Arizona St.

    These are good picks. No problem.