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  1. Kingwilly 2020 socially distant mock draft

    I could see Hunt in r3. Get a wr In 4. Maybe Bryan Edwards from South Caroline. 6’3. Big body.
  2. r1-1. Joe Burrow QB - bc of course they'll take the stud qb. r2-33- Zack Baun LB Wisconsin r3-65- Matt Peart OT UConn r4-107 - Robert Hunt OG Louisiana r5-180 - Tanner Muse OLB Clemson r6-207 - Jonathan Garvin DE Miami r7-215 - Dane Jackson CB 6-0 Pittsburgh This is just spit balling I have not followed college combine or draft rumors like in previous years..
  3. Trade Market for Dalton Heating Up

    I think this is right if they intend to take Burrow. I’ve said many times Dalton was Kitna 2.0. Now he’ll help prepare the next qb.
  4. General Free Agency Thread

    Remember that time they drafted Spikes and Simmons in round one?
  5. General Free Agency Thread

    At least they appear active.
  6. Time to begin the rebuild

    Trade down. Trade out of 1. Yes barrow is elite but so is jalen , and others like Gordon (WSU) will be available. Get several Miami’s picks for Barrow . Stockpile to fix defense. Get picks for green sad but necessary. Get another back like drake and load up to surround tate Boyd and Ross. I have spoken.
  7. RIP Sam Wyche

    I’ve always admired Sam. His innovative approaches helped advance the game. I hope he can now rest east.
  8. Pats @ Bengals Game Thread

    Green is gone. Frankly, I’m surprised he hasn’t pushed to a winning franchise. His loyalty has a limit. I think he’d be amazing in Seattle or LA. Even the Bills would be a fit.
  9. Time to begin the rebuild

    Tuas injury will always be a problem, specifically necrosis of his acetabular. Friend did it and went through the ordeal. Multiple surgeries, eventually needed replacing. Depending on severity it could be he won’t play ever again.
  10. Time to begin the rebuild

    Had he been healthy but lost Conner and juju, it would have exposed Ben to be as overrated as Eli.
  11. Happy Thanksgiving

    All my bengals brothers, happy turkey day. Everyone else, whatever.
  12. Ravens Game 2.0 Thread

    I trust the coaches to rebuild. Woe is this.
  13. London Calling: Bengals “@“ Rams Game Thread

    It’s a stale loaf no one is buying.
  14. Bengals @ Bills Game Thread

    I think that’s a fair assessment ( wouldn’t expect anything less from you) and I think you’re right about some improvements coming. I’m looking at aj green coming back. Right in time for a dead Cat bounce streak of 3-5 games where ppl will say “see, if they could just do that for 16 games “ nonsense The defense cant be helped. There are several linebackers that could come in and start yet they do jack shit. For that they’ll lose more than 11 games just like the Seattle game. Offense will click, defense can’t lace their cleats. Agreed that Dalton should let the string play out.