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  1. Positivity Thread - What to look forward to

    I’m still interested but more from a league view. Watching teams like the browns try to do something. Or my local Rams or bolts. Lots to appreciate, even in the churn-year that’s coming up for the Bengals.
  2. Changing Things With Free Agents / Draft

    This is the hill he’ll die on. Trying to turn hart into Wilie, nope not happening.
  3. Changing Things With Free Agents / Draft

    Agree on most of it but Dennard isn't a first rate slot player. He'll get a job but the dollars will depend on whether he plays teams.
  4. Changing Things With Free Agents / Draft

    Even if (yeah right) we signed a fa like Mosely, they still need Devin White. They could grab Grier in r3 or r4.
  5. Marvin Fired - New Coaches

    I agree. Here’s hoping they interview Pete Charmichael OC at Saints
  6. Marvin Fired - New Coaches

    Yes, no thanks to Lazor. Get fresh blood. No retreads from Marv.
  7. Marvin Fired - New Coaches

    So, Jeff Fisher. How about Mike Shula?
  8. Marvin Fired - New Coaches

    Wow it happened. No Marvin. Get Mike Leach I said.
  9. Week 6 and 17- Steelers talk

    John Ross needs to have been working harder.
  10. Week 6 and 17- Steelers talk

    Sucks to be Cody Core’s elbow.
  11. Changing Things With Free Agents / Draft

    I wholly agree. I’d like them to look at a big arm qb
  12. Week 6 and 17- Steelers talk

    Happy new year.
  13. Week 6 and 17- Steelers talk

    I think thats right. They win the north wth a win. Im thinking of an old school, comment during the game. A tribute to Billy. He always was on during games.
  14. Week 11 - Ravens Talk

    Hey now. There's nothing this team could do to have me scoping bridges. I know you jest, just sayin'. Merry Christmas to you and Mrs cob
  15. BengalszoneBilly

    I'm very sorry to hear of Billy's passing. Your family is in our payers, here out. Billy gave me advice many times. I always valued his insights and his love of our Bengals. He will me missed, you have my truly heart felt condolences.