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  1. Happy thanksgiving :)

    Oh, and also....case Keenum is essentially doing a very nice "Good Andy" display today.
  2. Happy thanksgiving :)

    Ahoy all ye turkey neck pirates! Happy Thanksgiving to you all and your families! May your meat be moist, stuffing savory and company be spicy.
  3. Bengals @ Titans Game Thread

    Bengals will win this game. It belies belief but.. They fuck things up so bad, this time they'll win. Follows the theory of success that states that the "shortest distance between two objects is a straight line...in the opposite direction".
  4. Bengals @ Titans Game Thread

    Ogbuehi has to go.
  5. Bengals @ Titans Game Thread

    Don' do that, just kick the neighbor. Fucking prick leaving his dog out in all manner of extreme weather. Asshole. Just kick him.
  6. Just not feeling it

    Great replies everyone. In my life, the politics are not a factor. I'm so busy a big problem is making time. Oldest son is on a highly ranked HS team that kicks off playoffs tonight. Middle son is heavy into basketball and youngest daughter is a social animal. I think the only reason I come around is to connect with you all. We'e been on this forum for a good long time (me since 2003), so I'm tied to you all like family. Football family. As hard as it is to root for this team, I will do so even as my life is exceedingly busy and the team is exceedingly crap. As hard as it all is, I'll make time to stay connected with my football family. Who Dey.
  7. Just not feeling it

    Anyone else had a big downturn in interest in the Bengals, and the NFL? I'm sick of this team and it's middling existence. I'm bored with a league that thinks treading water is a business model. Anyone else feel like me?
  8. Bengals @ Jags Game Thread

    Boy, I hope that's true. And they do so in a wholesale cleanse, too. Perhaps there some on the staff who could stay, maybe the trainers and others that level but most coaching staff should exit. Let this season play out but be looking, very quietly, all the while. Guys I'd like to see considered include Mike Vrabel (young, played, lots of energy), Matt Patricia (young, Belichick tree), or coaches who fit that look. We can dream, right?
  9. Is Andy Next?

    Of course it didn't happen and this is sure to cause a ruckus but they could have just traded Dandy to Cleveland.. (or Minnesota), (or Jax), for picks and grab Kapernick, with AJ as very cheap insurance. Kapernick is mobile, arm is stronger than Dandy (will help Green, Ross, Malone), and SoP can perpetuate his efforts to fix grown men. All while alienating the fan base but yet would have a better chance at winning. Oh well.
  10. Bring on the Colts! I guess.

    Nah, Bengals will win a defensive battle. 13-10 #winugly
  11. No Extension for Eifert

    Shades of Utecht, IMHO. Can't consistently keep healthy. I don't think they'll try super hard to extend, re-sign him.
  12. Texans @ Bengals Game Thread

    To lose due to such historic ineptitude should result in several offensive coaches getting canned. There's no excuse for what we saw tonight. But it's not SoP's style, so let the historic losing continue. 3-13.
  13. Texans @ Bengals Pregame Chatter

    Yes, God does hate Texas.
  14. Ravens @ Bengals Game Thread

    Marvin is a spineless loser. No drive. Use the timeouts and get 3.
  15. Ravens @ Bengals Game Thread

    Holy cow shit.