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  1. You've got to wonder about Thompson. They've gotten next to zero production from him but still string it along. The readiness of guys like Billings, Hardison, etc should bump him from the plans. There's only so long you can drag it out.
  2. Ross had labrum surgery on March 14th, so he should be ready for TC barring a setback, of which there's no news. I don't think he will start on PUP, unless it's specifically intended to protect him for the regular season. I'm not as concerned as others based on his position. If he was a linebacker or on the line, then maybe it'd be a concern. It's not like he takes heavy hits.
  3. I think it reflects the quality of players this year. Compare it to a year like 2013, it's not comparable.
  4. Hewitt 2.0?
  5. I agree these are simply camp bodies but here and there you find an Erickson or a Fiddlestix, or a Tom Nelson.
  6. My guess I'd Ericsson is the odd player out. Ducks but he's limited to slot (Boyd) or St returner (Jones, Ross, Gio). We have solid players who can do what he does, so it's my prediction he's in trouble, no matter how well he returned in pre-season. Malone could bring more to the intermediate and deep routes/red zone than Core, so Core is another guy who's possibly on the edge, too. Improving the team, making the sausage, isn't always happy feels but it should pay off of on Sundays and in January.
  7. It's almost as if he knows people in the building...
  8. Well put. No one "likes" what he did but we can't ignore his behavior since, where even a whiff of anything would have sent him out if football.
  9. My early ratings in the quote. The Center they took is just meh. The TE is bizarre, when the Miami OH, Tackle was there. Why bother. The Michigan DT is a run stuffer, bye Pat Sims? The TN wide out is a Henry style threat but who goes? Core? That'd be dumb. The first 4 are really good. Stoked on those and the kicker.
  10. To me, I see a Chris Henry type WR guy here. Could also be a ST gunner. Value with high upside. Let's see him compete with Core and LaFell.
  11. Uh, no. Totally disagree. Hunt was simply not good at football. Willis has instinct and skills.
  12. This is our Peerman replacement. Cheaper, faster, hungrier.
  13. Not terrible.
  14. OHoping they snag underrated corner from Minnesota, Jalen Myrick. Guy has great speed and ability.
  15. I don't get it. Worst pick in draft. Has tiny arm equivalent of trump tiny hands. That's said, he's probably going to start.