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  1. Bengals @ Steelers chat/game thread.

    Yeah, heard he kicked someone or some nonsense like that. He’s pretty much an idiot. That being said, you always need a good Burfict issue to totally ignore all the helmet to helmet hits from the Steelers. Sick of the NFL.
  2. Bengals @ Steelers chat/game thread.

    This team against the Steelers ?? Easy... Same reason why I don’t watch this game anymore. The Bengals are the Steelers little bitch and when push comes to shove, that’s exactly how this undisciplined team acts: like a bunch of little bitches !!! No surprise there, look at the coach.
  3. Bengals @ Steelers chat/game thread.

    Oddly enough I turned on the TV and it was on the channel the game was being shown. I was just in time to see Dalton throw the ball away on a 4th down play which effectively ended the game. Even Romo could be heard saying “You at least have to give your guy a chance to make that play”. That being said, I heard the o-line played up to its expected shitty potential as well. I didn’t even get to the leaves in the yard. I just sat around in my PJs all day doing nothing. Might have been in the top 5 of boring days of my whole life if truth be told. That being said, it appears my day was given more thought and effort than the coaches preparing for this game. Go figure.
  4. Which kicker makes the team?

    To be fair from my own perspective, I thought the Bengals selected the wrong kicker, so I too was wrong. However, the Bengals did their scouting and based on that scouting, decided to use a 5th rounder to select Elliott. Then they turned around and cut him. Talk about not trusting your own intel...
  5. Bengals @ Steelers chat/game thread.

    I’m feeling another stupid game where they are yet again treated like little bitches and react in kind. You know, how every game against the Steelers goes. I hate when these two teams play. Idiots coming out of the woodwork.
  6. Burfict invokes Trump tweet strategy, lol

    Said it numerous times, those are guys that people tend to hate unless they play for your team.
  7. NFL Boycott? Are you watching?

    I’ve long avoided Steelers week. Hate how BOTH teams act when they play each other. It’s just become too stupid in recent years. That being said, I will be hoping they win while I cut grass and rake leaves.
  8. NFL Boycott? Are you watching?

    Here’s something I find interesting, while generally not giving this thought... This whole bunch of current nonsense has progressed to such a point that everyone has all but forgotten that Kaepernick started all of this to bring attention to inequality. Now it’s about the flag and the anthem. While I do not care for the way in which the protest was coupled with the flag and anthem, protest is a right of every US citizen. How people claiming to be such advocates of the American way of life have forgotten this surprises me. I find the whole thing very sad.
  9. Bye week blues thread.

    They are showing the Browns and Texans game here so my son is all kinds of happy !!! Outside of that, im watching for fantasy football outcomes.
  10. No Extension for Eifert

    Hurry up and get your boxes of Tyler’s Touchdown Crunch while you still can !!! I heard if you can find the collectors addition box, you can get a free seat warmer. Honestly I think this sucks. When he was healthy he was one of the, if not the best TEs in the game. That was just rarely the case when he was healthy.
  11. No Extension for Eifert

    Now you did it....
  12. Yahoo Fantasy Football

    Boy I just keep playing the right teams at the right time. I can’t score points for jack but face a team that just happens to score less than me that week. Sitting in 2nd place but Skyline sitting in 10th has more points than me. This is one of those “Better to be lucky than good” situations.
  13. Revised Prognostications

    That o-line though...
  14. Bengals vs Bills 10/8/17

    They won. Ive got nothing else. Whodey ?!?!
  15. Revised Prognostications

    Yeah, have to agree. With the level of suck in the AFCN at this point and a Bengals defense which is pretty good, you just never know.
  16. Tyler Boyd

    Just dumb
  17. Revised Prognostications

    Nope counseling is all Hokie’s niche. I’m a medical administrator since leaving the practicing side of things when I retired in 2011. Afghanistan all but killed (pardon the pun) my love of trauma medicine. Hill needs an o-line capable of actually run blocking. That being said I would be good with trading him now. However, God knows the front office can’t pass up a coveted comp pick.
  18. Revised Prognostications

    It’s almost 130am and even though I can’t sleep, I’m not doing the research. Aren’t baby elephants still like big as fuck ?? Fuck you google you won’t lure me in with your cute colorful homepage. I won’t do it !!! Seriously I’m losing it.... Must sleep....
  19. Is Andy Next?

    Not to beat a dead horse but the o-line sucks. Fix that and the play of the QB and RB improve. Yes, I really am Captain Obvious....
  20. Gios TD........

    I didn’t view that play as going for the jugular. More like getting lucky the Browns suck.
  21. Jeremy Hill says Trade Me

    I know the story was fake but I wish it wasn’t.
  22. Bengals @ Browns

    Don’t even care about this win. As close as you can get to meaningless. That being said, love beating the shit out of the Turds. Bengals = State Champs
  23. Zimmer or Jackson

    Who made the picks in Cleveland ?? Hue or the analytics guys ?? If it wasn’t Hue, they can do that without him and he could easily leave or be shown the door. If he had at least half the day, they will give him at least another season with a ton of picks in the first two rounds next year.
  24. Jeremy Hill says Trade Me

    Gotcha TJ. So who should we trade him to ?? Lol...
  25. R.I.P. Tom Petty

    I’ve been listening to his music all evening. Just saw him in concert a couple years back. Always a good show. Sad indeed. A lot of musicians passing this year.