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  1. The O-Line Roster

    No way Hernandez falls to us in the 2nd but that would be too much to pass on. I also like the safety Reid. Wish they would make a move at some point.
  2. Draft Documentation

    I use to do them religiously, but believe it or not, it was pretty time consuming. Between my job and family, I simply don’t have the time anymore. Honestly I miss doing those. I always enjoyed it. We had the pre-draft threads and then the thread after the pick was made. Good times !!
  3. The O-Line Roster

    So Billy Price....
  4. The O-Line Roster

    Can’t believe both Edmunds and Derwin were still in the board at 15. Wonder if the Bengals even tried to get one. If not they fucked up. There will be a great player there just don’t mess this up Bengals.
  5. Draft Documentation

    While I really don't have much of an issue with any position on the o-line at #21, what I don't have is the faith that the team will pay them when they excel and their rookie contract is up.
  6. Draft Documentation

    Nope. Not even one of those Dumb and Dumber odds that allows you to say, "So you're telling me there's a chance".
  7. The O-Line Roster

    Yeah I mentioned before hat Ragnow was the top Center in college football up until his injury. Yes, that injury concerns me a little. My thing and it has been shared here is that there will almost certainly be a Center or two sitting there when they pick in the 2nd round.
  8. The O-Line Roster

    Prior to Fagnow getting hurt he was probably the best Center in college football. His injury concerns me at #21, but would love to get him in the 2nd round. I have been looking at the LB class and think it’s very weak outside of the first round. I’m of the line of thought that thinks they don’t bother with drafting one until later. Since I thought they would go LB early (and they still may) I think things could get interesting in the first round. How shocked would people be if they picked Lamar Jackson ?? If they aren’t going LB early, then draft Jackson, grab a Center in the 2nd and then use some of that draft capital to trade back into the 2nd round and grab a RT prospect that I think will still be there. Boy that would shake things up and would surely excite a fan base that is certainly disinterested at best. Dalton haters should be salivating at that thought.
  9. Mike Brown Thought of the Day

    "Alright team, I want a lineman in the first. That TJ Jackhole poster at Bengalszone is at it again. I mean seriously, every fucking year it's the same thing with that guy." "And why haven't I shut that place down yet for using the Bengals name ?? I hate all those jackasses on that site. Well, that Billy guy can stay if he keeps posting boobies."
  10. Baghdad Hob Mocks Ridley at #21

    My 11 year old probably could have given 5-7 players that made more sense for the Bengals (and he's a Texans fan) that made more sense than Ridley for this team. Don't get me wrong, I get taking the #1 player at their position, but just because they are rated the top guy at their position does not make them the best option. It's not like we are talking about another AJ Green level of player in this instance. I like Ridley and think he will be a fine player, but that won't help this team. And if it's truly about taking the top rated player at their position, give me the #1 rated Center over the #1 rated WR in this years draft.
  11. 2018 Reds

    The worst team in MLB. I agree. I saw bad coming, but THIS bad ?? It's stunningly bad. Almost like you have to TRY to be this bad. Poor Riggleman. Had to be thinking "Do I have to?" after Price was fired.
  12. The O-Line Roster

    I think it's too difficult to say one way or another if they are truly "worth" the #21 pick. Most of the guys being spoken about as 1st round OT's are guys that all played LT. Wynn is being considered a OG even though he was a LT at Georgia. Orlando Brown was a LT at Oklahoma, but had a miserable combine and who knows? Kolton Miller was a LT at UCLA Mike McGlinchey was a LT at Notre Dame, but started out at RT. Connor Williams was a LT at Texas At least those are about the only ones I've seen mocked to possibly go in the first round. Outside of McGlinchey, those guys did not play RT. Who's to say they would fair better or worse on the right side ?? Some guys say there is no difference, while others think it not even comparing apples to oranges. My point is, that I feel it's hard to say what we would get out of any of these guys on the right side of the line. I still feel McGlinchey is more suited for the right side, but would be a nice backup to Glenn should something happen to him. I also think the guy will be gone before pick #21. That in and of itself does not make him a great prospect, but I wouldn't complain if he were the pick.
  13. The O-Line Roster

    I agree with not needing a RG, but it would depend on who else is there when the pick is made. They could do worse. I know he gets slammed, but they got Hart from the Giants who played him at RT, when he's more of a RG. I think he will provide good competition for that position. OC, OT, LB ?? Yes, I agree wholeheartedly !!! Of the other positions left, they only one I could see as a remote possibility is safety when considering they were trying to upgrade with a starter during free agency. Could they shock everyone and take a QB early ?? Maybe Lamar Jackson ?? I find that highly unlikely, but wouldn't rule it out completely. Then again, every off throw by Dalton will have the fans booing and chanting "JACKSON" loudly, so maybe it's less than highly unlikely. Come to think of it, the extreme haters of Dalton might still boo and chant "JACKSON" even if we don't draft him !!!
  14. The O-Line Roster

    I will not be the slightest bit surprised to see them NOT take an o-lineman at #21. With Center being the huge massive hole to fill that it is, there is still a precedence of when Centers historically get selected. Since I feel there are easily 3-4 of them I would be ok with, I think they can address that in the 2nd round. What I would love to see them do (I know I'm pipe dreaming here) is trade back into the 2nd round and take an OT that will probably be there. It might cost them their first 3rd round and a couple of 5th's but they can afford that since they have two 3rd rounders and three 5th rounders. (That was the cost last year for comparisons) Something like this would be great: 1. LB 2a. OC 2b. OT I would have no issue seeing them go o-line with the first 2 picks, but I won't be surprised if they don't.
  15. I know this is carry over from my excessive irritation of hearing Marvin was coming back as the coach, but in knowing that fact the networks probably just figured the Bengals won't be prepared and the games will suck. Why bother putting a team into a primetime game you know they won't be ready for it. The only thing worse than that would be having them in primetime after a bye week. Colts- 35 Bengals- 17 Hell, I don't even want to watch this team in a primetime game.
  16. The O-Line Roster

    Yes, it's still there. Yes, I think it's a typo because his first name is Frank and they simply used his last name. Yes, I find something like that funny !!! While that is not something that people find endearing in today's PC world, I do. It's sort of like fart jokes, they are always funny.
  17. The O-Line Roster

    While agreeing that I feel they need to add some CB depth, I do not see them needing to address it in the 1st. It would seem that between WJ3, Kirkpatrick, and Dennard, they have the first three set in stone. After that, there are some questions and why I see them adding to that position group later. If we don't go o-line at #21, I would have no problem seeing them address the LB corps with a guy like Evans from Alabama. He's probably the best LB that should be available at that pick and I'm also not a huge fan of this LB class beyond the first round So LB, Center, RT, CB with the first 4 picks if they don't go o-line in the first. Yeah, I would ok with that for sure.
  18. Now the news about Reid and them questioning him about the kneeling. Much like I don't care about his politics, I don't care they asked him his thoughts moving forward. If he already publicly stated he wouldn't do that, it should not have been hard to reiterate that stance. It apparently was. You would think any organization who is trying to make money would try not to alienate a sizeable portion of their fans by signing a player that would do just that. While I don't care about his politics, I still do NOT care to see people demonstrate during the National Anthem. I simply do not feel that is appropriate or respectful, while understanding that's not what they are protesting against. Find another course or action. Hell, take action in the community. PLEASE take action in your community, but we don't see that. Any news about any of these guys making a difference in their own communities ?? Now, while I do not like it, I will defend people's rights to do whatever it is they like. This is a free country last time I checked. The thing people seem to miss is that there are consequences to your actions. The players will have to deal with those consequences. Just because people don't like those consequences does not make it wrong. Hell, my 11 and 7 year old boys understand there being consequences for their actions. Too much to ask of others I suppose.
  19. Mike Brown Thought of the Day

    "The fans seemed to have bought off on the story to bring back Marvin. Quick, make a deposit into my account from the money we carried over from last year."
  20. I'm with you on this as well TJ. The Bengals liked Reid that year in the draft and I was hoping they would get him then. I would have zero issues with him being signed and couldn't care less about his political thoughts. Just make sure he's a fit with the team and go from there. He would be a significant upgrade to safety in my opinion. Seeing as how the Bengals were interested in the safety that signed with the Saints (Coleman?) Reid should certainly have their interest up as well. I'll give it a "yes" as well !!!
  21. 2018 Reds

    Turns out they drew blood on all the Reds players and the tests came back positive for "SUCK". I hope it's not terminal...
  22. Mike Brown Thought of the Day

    "When did the price of Gatorade go up ?? Guess we'll need to push more money into next year instead of signing Atkins to an extension."
  23. The O-Line Roster

    I haven't paid any attention to the Bengals in the last few months, but since taking a look I'm left thinking a few things about the o-line. Coaching. I love that Alexander is gone and Pollack is in. That's a win for the o-line before anything else is thought of. Next is that Bodine is gone. Another win, but it leaves them needing to find a starter in the draft. I don't think that's a real problem. What to do on the right side of the line. I think they actually have a player capable of handling RG, but will need to draft a new RT. So, in the first round give me that shiny new RT. Everyone busts the guys butt as a LT prospect, but I like the thought of McGlinchey at RT. He became an o-line starter at Notre Dame in his sophomore season at RT was more than solid. In the second round give me OC Billy Price out of Ohio State. Seriously, I don't think any of the top 3 Center prospects would be bad at that pick. When looking at RG, I feel they think they have someone on the roster already. I hope Westerman gets some time with the starters, but you can't forget they signed Bobby Hart from the Giants. I know he sucked last year, but he played RT all season and he's truly a OG player. Let Pollack see what they have in him. Outside of that, there's also Fisher, who should get at least one more look at. For me, I think they have their RG. Glenn, Boling, Price, Westerman, McGlinchey Obviously Westerman isn't set in stone at RG, but I like the looks of that line MUCH more than the one from 2017. With Pollack coaching them and Lazor having a full offseason as coordinator, the o-line could make a decent jump in 2018. Oh yeah, F*CK YOU Marvin Lewis. Go eat a dick !!!
  24. TJ's Mock - positional only

    I see your first 3 round exactly the same way TJ. As always, it just depends on who's there or does someone fall ?
  25. Sure to take some heat on this one, but I've always been a fan of Manson and I'm loving the new album. Favorite song remains "The Reflecting God". Just super aggressive and brutal. "SCAR, SCAR CAN YOU FEEL MY POWER" "SHOOT, SHOOT, SHOOT MOTHERF*CKER" Hate that Johnny Depp is in these videos, but I really like the tunes: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n3sEKLlFLzI https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=otSSwS_Nh9A