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Chad Questionable against Cleveland


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He didnt seemed to concerned about it Monday when he predicted on Dan Patrick's show that the Bengals would score 40pts in each of their last 4 games...

I also remember Palmer throwing to him in the fourth quarter of the Pitt game....

We'll see if he practices today..

I think he's allright...

Plus, Marvin didn't mention him in his press conference yesterday. I expect he'll go...

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Here you go:


Johnson left Sunday's game against the Steelers with an apparent ankle injury.

Johnson was hurt on the first play of the third quarter. He caught a pass and was running out of bounds when he got tackled around the ankles from behind.


Um, yeah, he played after he left and caught some balls.

But espn never let facts mess up anything, so why start now?

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Chad is apparently fine and Marvin said yesterday in the press conference that they came out of the Pitt game with no major injuries and that everyone other than Robinson would be ready to go Sunday - just the usual bumps and bruises. He seemed very encouraged by the lack of injuries.

That play where Chad was tackled on the sidelines didn't look all the serious or painful to me either.

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