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Whitlock plays the race card...again


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Whitlock was on the Dan Patrick show today and he said he thought Weis was a better head coach than Willingham. So if he's a better head coach why shouldn't he get a better contract?

I myself agree with Whitlock that Weis hasn't really completely proved himself yet to warrant the new contract, but I think this is more of Notre Dame jumping the gun because of the chance they may lose Weis to the NFL. I'd say this off-season Weis would've gotten looks from at least a few teams, he still may. Not sure what the buyout option is on his contract now, but it wasn't very high on the previous contract.

This isn't a matter of race, it's a matter of Weis being overhyped by the media and Notre Dame getting nervous by the hype.

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Nah, I think Whitlock is way off base. Weis got this contract because there was a chance he could bolt for the NFL. Willingham wasn't anywhere near as hot a commodity, despite his strong start.

And watching Notre Dame now as opposed to a few years ago, even when Willingham had them on fire, one gets the feeling that this time they're finally moving in the right direction. Willingham never gave me that feeling...Weis is simply a better coach.

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