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Bengals vs. Titans


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Stupid call on the FG. Should have just gone for it on 4th down.

Definitely shortened the field more for Titans O than if they had gone for it and missed.

But Graham had plenty of leg, just hooked it a little too much.

Bengals D looked on their heels on TD drive. McNair's getting rid of ball before rush can get there. Don't look like Chris Brown will be stopped a whole lot today.

Titans 7

Bengals 0

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Don't know how to use the chat. Here's my assesment of what's wrong. It was on the pregame show. Brat said they basically wait to see what the defense to do before they react and gameplan. When we have to strike, we do. But there is no excuse for this piddly crap to start every game. Look at this two minute drive. We go for the throat and nobody stops us. They playcalling is holding this O back. I said it last week and I'm saying it again. Unfortunately, if our defense doesn't come up with some stops it doesn't matter how many more times we get the ball,.

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