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3-and-Oh my!


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Great link KingWilly. I liked this part:

So contagious, in fact, the Bengals are turning interceptions, and takeaways in general, into an epidemic. As the undefeated Bengals exited Soldier Field, they were greeted by a small but raucous crowd that made the drive from Cincinnati and which had broken out into a rash of orange and black stripes.

Suddenly, the old "Who dey" chant, not often heard even in Cincinnati very much in recent years, broke out. Who dey? Well, it certainly won't take many more dominant performances from the Cincinnati secondary for the rest of the NFL to find out.

Also, could you imagine if they did take out Orton, just to bring in Jeff Blake!?! :excited:

But even when the game got lopsided, the Bears didn't deviate from the nuts-and-bolts approach. Neither did coach Lovie Smith ever think about replacing a harassed Orton with veteran Jeff Blake.
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Fun game despite the rain today up there. Lots of Bengals fans. The Bears' fans were class and the guy in front of us just said "this is your year, good luck, you deserve it," as he left the game early in the 4th quarter. I kind of felt sorry for them with Grossman's injury, and having to watch Orton throw so many awful passes all day.

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GREAT article, thanks for the link.

Again, with the Bengals starting to draw national attention, it was fun to see them again rise to the occasion.

Also, an article like that will do a ton to throw some light on what appears to be the best secondary in the league. There, I said it. Best secondary in the league.

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