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Our DE"s?


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Jumpy didn't get great pressure but the Bears didn't run at him at all. Jones either went up the gut or ran right all game. Problem w/ throwing Big Duane in there is the same old -- no contain vs. run. Put him in for Jumpy and watch one runner after another bounce outside past him.

As far as pass rush, Jumpy's going against LTs now -- it's gonna be harder for him to get sacks but he shows no quit, takes no plays off, and stays alert where the QBs going if he does break the pocket.

Smith I thought would have more sacks by now but his backside pursuit is as good as it always has been. He continues to run down plays from behind as good as any DE out there and is smart about busting up plays like screens.

So far so good, DE wise.

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Justin came up big today.. lots of pressures and some nice tackles...

Geathers got schooled again today.. Look for Cleamons to take his place inthe strarting lineup unless he looks much improved next week.

You mean the Duane Cleamons that anchored those bad defenses of seasons past? Uhh...If it's all the same to you, I'll keep what we got.


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I think Smith is about as good as you can find for a left end and Geathers hasn't showed much, but he is only into his second year and its early in the season. Geathers could really progress as the season goes along. I say keep him in there and let him develop. If Pollack and Geathers develop into what they should be, we should have a monster defense in the second half of the season.

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