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05 version of 99 Rams?


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NFL Network recently aired the look back at the 99 Rams season. You remember, that magical season where Warner came out of no where. Together with Faulk in the backfield, and a set of receivers that flat out schooled everybody week after week. And a defense that showed up exactly when they needed them, game in and game out.

The question is whether or not you see similarities between our Bengals of '05 and those Rams of '99? I tell you, watching this look back really kept me wondering! Oh, how wonderful it would be to have the same ending!

Some interesting facts/hopes:

Rams began 6-0 ... Hoping the Bengals do the same.

They beat the Niners twice ... the team that owned them throughout the 90s ... The Bengals will need to do the same against the Steelers.

They had a really tough decade prior to that year ... Say no more.

They scored 30 points or more 13 times in the Regular Season ... Bengals are off to a good start.

They scored 23 points or more in every game in the Regular season ... Ditto.

They won game one by a score of 27-10 ... Bengals won game one 27-13.

They won game two by a score of 35-7 ... Bengals won game two 37-8.

They won game three by a score of 38-10 (uh, that was in Cincinnati) ... HEADING TO CHICAGO!

Go Bengals!

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I see your parallels but would like to point out a major difference or two.

Their QB was a grocery clerk, ours is a Heismann Trophy winner.

We have 2 excellent Rb's who have very different styles and strengths.

Our D will be near the top in takeaways, STL was not.

Other than that, I like to connections.

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I remember that game. I thought that was one we could win since they had been so bad for a long time. I mean these guys got rid of Jerome Bettis!

That game was for the title as the worst team of the 90's. I think we got the belt. We were smoked pretty badly.

Hopefully we will become this decade's version of the "Greatest Show on Turf." I don't think we have played our best game yet either.

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interesting parallels there... but...

I think our offense is better. Palmer is not a system QB. He is the real deal. Rudi and Perry would be more like having Faulk and Stephen Jackson back then. We have more diversity in the backfield, and fresher legs. We don't need to play indoors to dominate.

On the other hand, their offense got all the glory, but their defense wasn't awful either. I think the edge goes to them there, so while the comparisons are interesting, at this early point in the season, I would say they were the better team. Ask me again at mid-season.

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I think that we have the tools to be that good, but we're not quite there yet. But there are a few things that I think we have over the rams. I think that we have better play calling, and when we are in a hole, we don't throw the ball every play... Much more balance. We're potent so far, but I wouldn't venture to perceive ourselves as such a juggernaut just yet.

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Hopefully we will become this decade's version of the "Greatest Show on Turf." I don't think we have played our best game yet either.

Of course the Bengals haven't played their best game yet. They have to save a little something back for that mid Janurary game in Detroit!


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