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I almost expect to see Carson there, and Dilfer is not that surprising either. The Browns have a good corps of receivers. An AFC North QB's name that would shock the s**t out of me is Kyle Bollers! :lol:

Can you guy's imagine the pressure that's on Billick right now to bench Boller!?! It must be IMMENSE!! They must be screaming bloody murder in Maryland right about now.

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Damn.. Dilfer number 2 in passing by three yards? Most of you guys thought that our receiving core sucked.

Who. It's receiving "corps," as in Marine Corps or Peace Corps. Not as in apple "core." :P Just giving you the business bro... ;)

And yes. Many here did give little respect to Dilfer (I wasn't one of those) or the young bunch of wideouts that Cleveland has assembled. (Okay. I may be a little bit guilty on this one. :rolleyes: )

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With two games in the books, Carson is on pace to throw for 4,936 yards this season. :P

With 2 games in the books, Carson is 1 TD ahead of Manning in 2004... :blink:

STOP right now thx...unless he throws 10tds in the next 2 weeks i'll then bring up the idea.

Oh, mais non we must continue, yes, we must! :lol:


Worth a read if only for its description of Carson as "a high powered klieg light of pigskin production." :lol: And check out that completion percentage! :blink:

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