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I was just wondering how John Thornton has a better website than the bengals home page. Thornton I just wished the Bengals would have an interesting website to go to and not be all plain....

The Bengals website is functional. Nothing against John, but his website is a bunch of flash that takes quite a while to load, is a bit sluggish, isn't particularly navigable, and has a lot of distracting movement.

When I go to the Bengals website, I'm probably looking for something, I don't need a ton of animation. In general, his site format would be incredibly poor design for a news site, though for a player it works fine.

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Yeah, I love the Bengals site. Its to the point, which you can't say about some other sites. Other NFL team sites I've been to, I couldn't figure out where to find anything I wanted to know, and it was soo annoying.

Also, I hope JT donates atleast $11,000 for Bengals regular season wins. :player:

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The Bengals' web site layout blows and is amateurish.

Hopefully they will make full stories available on their own pages instead of the crappy running newspaper style, for instance.

It's about time they updated it.

Thank you. I was beginning to think that I was the only one who thought that the site needed a serious update. There are also flaws in the coding of the site as well. First and foremost, content is king. As long as the content is easy to get to and not hidden by whiz-bang flash stuff, a new skin will be very welcome and much less grating on the eyes. I could hack out some simple XHTML/CSS one afternoon that'd look better than the current site... <_<

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