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The ultimate loser

Which team will be on the clock at season's end?  

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  1. 1. Which team will be on the clock at season's end?

    • Bears
    • Browns
    • Dolphins
    • Cardinals
    • 49ers
    • Texans
    • Titans
    • Other (specify)

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We had some weird stuff in week 1 with the Dolphins and 49ers wins, but will they keep up their winning ways or was it just a fluke? I expected the Texans to lose to the Bills, but I didn't expect them to look completely inept. The Cardinals and Titans were blown out and the Bears just had an ugly game. So, now that we've had a little glimpse of all the teams, rather than predict the Superbowl winner, predict who will be the ultimate loser, the team with the first pick in the 2006 draft.


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the dolphins have won their one game this year. 2 words: gus frerotte.

of course they could suprise another over-hyped denver team. no other teams will let that happen to them.

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How can you say Baltimore? I know the offense looked like a high school football team, but don't you think that defense will win quite a few games on their own? It took the best offense in the league (Indy) a long time to figure out that defense, and probably fatigue also set in because their offense is so pathetic.

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Based solely on Week 1 Green Bay, St. Louis or Baltimore have to be front runners. All these teams played very poorly, just glad for once the Bengals got off to a good start.

Baltimore will be much better with Anthony Wright as qb. Didn't he throw like 5 td's in one game last year. Why doesn't he start anyway? Kyle Boller is a joke.

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The Titans I think will finish last, "Air" Mcnair just isn't what he used to be, but he's still tough. They have a lot of rebuilding to do.

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