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Landon Johnson


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I have heard more than once in the past few weeks, usually from Dave Lapham, that Landon Johnson one the best if not the best linebacker on this team. I do remember his gutsy and effective play at the end of last year, and so I've been looking forward to seeing him play this year just the same as I have been to seeing Odell.

That said, I don't recall hearing his name at all throughout the game, the stats say 0 tackles, 1 assist.

Did he not even start? Where was he? Anyone got it on tape and can review it?

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The MLB in their defense will get the majority of the action and thus the tackle #'s as Landon did last year as the MLB.

I think both LJ and DP will get better the more they play the OLB position and adjust to it full-time. Right now it seems they are just being lined up all over the place.

Maybe it's just me but the OLB's in this defense don't seem to be that effective.

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