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Top five most teams


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Okay Bengal fans (and anyone else that wants to join in) what are your top five most hated teams?

My top five most hated teams are:

1.Steelers- the steelers top the list b/c there are just so many steelers' fan in my area that I have always felt the largest rivialy with them. Plus I just really dislike Cower

2 Browns- It's just so embarrassing to lose to them

3 Ravens- Just a division thing, I guess.

4 Cowboys- I'm only 19 so growing up it seemed like the Cowboys ruled the world. Everyone at school was a 'boys fan and all my cousins were 'boy's fans. I guess it just got on my nerves after a while. To this day, I love to see them lose.

5 Oakland/Buffalo -Buffalo mostly because of the strong annoyance I feel as the fans take over the boards everytime we play them- and Oakland just because of the way they play. I've just never liked them.

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1. Ravens:

I'm not really sure why I started hating the Ravens as much as I do, other than they have really stupid uniforms, a colossal ass for a coach (not as bad as Spurrier in my book, but real close), are our divisional rival, are a team full of convicts, and have a consistently horrendous offense which is saved by their defense. Oh, wait, now I remember why... :D

2. Cowboys:

Their army of drunken bandwgoners, along with the fact that they still try to sell themselves as America's Team and I grew up in a city that was divided pretty evenly between Chiefs and Cowboys fans and got an up-close view of the bandwagon growing in the '90s, is the reason I hate the Cowboys. At the bar that I frequent during football season, I was watching the Bengals game while the Cowboys game was on the big screen, and I was having a good conversation with a non-delusional Cowboys fan who saw the flaws in the team. I made a comment about the game that he was watching, and all of a sudden a group of 6 or 7 Cowboys fans at the next table starts ragging on the Bengals because I had some things to say that weren't totally positive (I didn't say that they sucked or anything...we were just talking about areas where they were weak and how the team was not very good in 2004) . When I politely informed them that we had a better record than they did at that time and that we had beaten them 26-3 earlier in the season, they merely got louder and tried to shout me down with talk of how good the Cowboys used to be. man, I hate Cowboys fans. Sorry, that was a long story.

3. Browns:

Need I explain myself?

4. Steelers:

Just the history and the rivalry. I respect what they've done, but I find myself rooting against them all the time.

5. Ravens:

I hate them so much I had to put them down twice. man, I freakin' hate that damn team.

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If you have been a Bengals fan for more than 15 years, there is only one real #1

#1. San Francisco

If you became a Bengals fan AFTER the Super Bowl years,

#2. Baltimore

Then the rest IMO...

#3. Cowboys (NOT America team anymore) F**KERS...

#4. Browns (Nothing more to say than Browns) F**king Turds

#5. Patriots- Always rooted for them before, now I'm just getting sick of all the...

(If you do it like the Patriots horses**t) I get ill thinking of them...


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I am sure that my answer would be the 49ers if I had followed the Bengals in the '80s, but since my Bengals fan days started in 1994 I only have the last eleven years to draw from.

And in the last eleven years, I have grown to hate the Ravens more than any other team in professional sports. The only teams that come close in any sport anywhere would be the Yankees and the OU Sooners.

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I followed the Bengals in Superbowl days and for years my most hated team was the 49ers. However, SF has slipped to second because of two things. 1.) Because I now live in Texas and am inundated by Cowboys crap and 2.) Because I now live in Texas and am inundated by Cowboys crap. That and SF is a truely pathetic team -- if SF were just decent, I think they'd still hold the #1 spot.

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Thanks guys. Discovering this much hate made my evening. :D

:P Glad to be of service Arizona! :lol:

My top five teams I hate transends football, but I'll start there.

#1: Dallas Cowboys: The audacity to call yourself "America's Team" just blows me away.

#2: Atlanta Braves: See #1.

#3: San Francisco 49ers. TWICE they stuck it to is in Super Bowls!

Dang. Hate is such a strong word, but I really only have those 3. Possibly next season may help me fill in those last two spots. :rolleyes:

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49ers are bye far the #1 one team on anybodys hate list when it comes to bengals fans.If anbody chooses another team they don't really know to much about the bengals.

That's a little unfair, kent. I happen to think I know alot about the Bengals, and I still hate the Ravens more than any other team. I certainly have no love for the 49ers, but what reason would I have to hate them now? We have no rivalry with them that doesn't involve the SB, we play them once every 4 years, and the last SB loss was 16 years ago.

We play the Ravens twice a year, they are in our division, and they are THE RAVENS!!! I think that is enough reason for a Bengals fan to hate them.

Sorry that I don't hate the 49ers as much as you do.

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Most 'hated' by me

1) Niners - two super bowl losses to this team. Love it when we beat them, which hasn't been often :-)

2) Ravens - hate Modell. Nuff said. Otherwise, lump them with #5

3) Patriots - aside from disliking how Corey has managed to behave himself for millions in Foxsboro while being a total ass for millions here - can you say unprofessional? - it's time for someone else to win the freaking superbowl.

4) Cowboys - never liked them. Don't know why.

5) Cleveland/Pittsburgh. Can't really say I hate these teams, actually, of course they are our division rivals and so I love to root against them when we play them and etc. But when they get into the playoffs, i root for them, because I want my division to succeed in the playoffs. It was really crushing to see 15-1 Pittsburgh get beaten so handily at home against the Patriots.

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Can't say there are many teams I HATE in the NFL at this moment...things change however and you start to dislike a lot of teams in your division....but I dunno, I don't like the Giants much.

I don't hate many teams, but in any sport I hate the Dallas Stars in hockey the most.

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Without a doubt it is

1: Ratbirds

2: Steelers

3: Louisville Cardinals


5: Duke Bluedevils

Brownies are close but I kinda feel sorry for them. (Is that wrong?)

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