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Greatest Bengals Runningback


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Who in your opnion is or was the Greatest Bengals runningback of All Time??

:player: There have been many good ones to say the least as far as i'm concerned :player:

Paul Robinson (ASU)

Jess Phillips (MSU)

Essic Johnson(GSU)

Fred Willis

Archie Griffin(OSU)

Pete Johnson(OSU)

Ickey Woods(SDU)

Boobie Clark(BCU)

James Brooks(AU)

Corey Dillion(UW)

Rudi Johnson(AU)

just to name a few

My Greatest of all time is probably going to surprise you, but it'sEssic Johnson. He was the best all around back that I think the Bengals ever had. He was a great pass blocker, excellent reciever out of the backfield, good shifty, reliable runner, and durable. other than that James Brooks comes to mind also. :player:

What's your pick ?? Maybe not on that list?? let's hear it? :player:

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The best running back of all time is Cory Dillon...How could it not be.. Do any of the other running backs have HOF numbers? Who held the record for most yards in one game before Jamal Lewis broke the record? I am not a Dillon fan per say but I have to give him his dues if we are talking about the best back in Cincinnati.

My favorite back is James Brooks 5'9" 178lbs of dynomite.. He averaged over 5 yards a pop for the season a couple times and caught passes out of the backfield but even James wasnt quite a good as Dillon over the long haul.

Essex Johnson was a good one but Id take Pete Johnson anyday....

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A side note, we'll start another poll about the running backs for next week.

Got my vote for sure :player: & oops sorry left Pete Johnson the great Fullback from Ohio State, there are some many inbetween 1968 - present, very well possible. That should be a quite nice Poll. And hey that picture of Essex Johnson magnificent brings back many memories to me. I've worn his jersey since he retired. :player: back in the day of the mighty mini backs.

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When the time comes to vote in the poll I'll cast my ballot for Corey Dillon.

For those of you who are too young to remember Dillon he was a miserable stain of a human being who also happened to be a great player.....and a very important team asset until the emergence of Rudi Johnson made Dillon completely and totally expendable. Thus, Dillon was happily traded away...an act that still bothers his most loyal and forgiving toadies.

Perhaps they will grow cornrows in protest.

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From a 30 year season ticket holder James Brooks #21 he could do it all. Speed, power for his size great hands for catching the ball and yes he could even block. Not a cancer in the locker room either!!

Agreed Brooks brought us Bengal fans many exciting moments. And he was one of the best all around backs the Bengals ever had I must admitt. But my vote still goes to Essex Johnson. Corey was all that and the chips also, but all around and team contributions; you gotta give the edge to Brooks or Johnson. They helped thereBENGAL teams to the playoffs :player:

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it's gotta be 1 dillon, 2 brooks, 3 hearst

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sorry, didn't realise there was a minimum period before you could be a bengals fan.

I liked hearst 'cos I saw he play a couple of times that's all, and that's good enough for me and my not too distant memories.

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Ammunition for the argument. Here are the top rushers in Bengals history:

Name yds. att. avg. lg td

1. Corey Dillon 8061 1865 4.3 96 45

2. James Brooks 6447 1344 4.8 65 37

3. Pete Johnson 5421 1402 3.9 65 64

4. Harold Green 3727 968 3.9 75 8

5. Essex Johnson 3070 675 4.5 86 18

6. Boobie Clark 2978 779 3.8 26 25

7. Archie Griffin 2808 691 4.1 77 7

8. Charles Alexander 2645 748 3.5 37 13

9. Larry Kinnebrew 2582 639 4.0 52 37

10. Rudi Johnson 2478 593 4.2 54 21

11. Paul Robinson 2441 617 4.0 87 19

12. Ken Anderson 2220 397 5.6 29 20

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But really, if we're just talking stats, Corey Dillon

Actually, if we are just talking stats, James Brooks.

Although Brooks never got the number of carries that a Dillon or a Rudi get on a regular basis.

His Over-All Stats are BETTER than Dillon's as a Bengal.....


-----------------*Yards---Att.---Y/C*-*Yards--Rec--Y/R*-*Total Yards--Total Touches--TDs*

Corey Dillon---8061----1865--4.3---1482--192---7.7------9543-----------2057----------50

James Brooks-6447----1344--4.8---3012--297--10.1-----9459-----------1641----------64

Yes Dillon did rush for more yards, but he did it with a Lot More Carries.

Yards Per Carry is a HUGE Stat for a Starting RB....

And 4.8 is a Nice Jump Up from 4.3....

If you don't think so, consider this:

IF Dillon had averaged 4.8, he would have rushed for about 9000 yards instead of his 8061 yards as a Bengal.

Dillon also Edged Brooks out for total yards, but he did it by Less than 100 yards while Getting The Ball over 400 Times More than Brooks.

As for TDs, even with far fewer touches of the ball, Brooks Flat Out Smoked him.

These are both VERY FINE RBs, and I don't see a problem with having two RBs on the roster of a All Time Team.

However if it comes down to just one Bengal RB.....

James Brooks is The Best there ever was....

Some people have said that they believe, that Chris Perry will become a James Brooks "type" of a RB.

Let's HOPE that they are right....

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its hard to say but corey dillon is clearly the best back that the Bengals have ever had, hell if it wasnt for him the franchise would have probably moved, he has speed, power, awarness, and quickness...yes he was a cancer in the lockeroom but that does not factor in to what kind of player he is...look at randy moss, he is a cancer but there is not one team in the NFL that wouldnt want him on their roster

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