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Last Night was a preview of what we can expect....


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Finally they managed to put together about 90% of a game... and fortunately that was enough to pull out the win.

Who woke up the O-Line??? Carson actually had time to throw....and when he has time, he looks REAL good...... Rudi benefitted from the improved blocking, and we finally get him rolling this season.....against the number one defense no less.....and Chad was just impressive.....the boy can play....hands down...

The play calling and coaching at the end of the first half was a little suspect in my book.....and to me, Marvin did get an extra timeout....regardless of the play clock mistake, he called it...and should have been charged.....but those are breaks we never get....glad to see the ball bounce our direction once in a while.....

And the D.....my god, T. Williams goes down and we still play well....The DLine looked pretty good against argueably the best O-Line in the game.....Droughnes got his yards, but not as many as I thought he would.....and the pass D was tough....Deltha likes the prime time spot.....he always had big games in Denver on Monday night....

Overall I'm really happy with this win......but being realistic, I don't think we can expect this every week, just yet.......I still think it will be up and down for the remainder of the season....but it sure is nice to see, and hopefully this will give them some spark to finish out the season strong......

WHO DEY!!!!!!!!!!

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The oline didn't wake up, they got healthier. This is the first game where injured offensive linemen weren't starting.

Completely agree. One of the keys is the return to full health of Rich Braham.

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Last nights victory was great! Absolutely great! Do we have things to work on...absolutely...but I'm still going to enjoy this victory on the Monday Night Football spotlight all week long.

The score could've been more lopsided, but a victory is a victory.

My observations, for whatever their worth, follows:

1. Correct me if I am wrong, but, Carson needs to mix up his snap count more often. It seemed he went on 1 way too often. Mix in a hard first count if you are going to do that. Still, he looked poised and prepared.

1a. Hey Brat, how about letting him operate out of the shotgun on 3rd and long a little more often against an aggressive defense who are bringing the blitz. He could get an extra second or two that could result in a first down instead of a punt.

2. Get the play in quicker. A few times the plays came in late.

3. The 4th and 1 decision I thought was great. We're 1-4, get something going, however: The play clock was at 4secs when they were lined up. The Broncos had stacked the line...call a time out and get two plays ready to be called at the line. Serious monday morning QB talk. But I was screaming for a timeout when I saw it.

4. Droughnes still got good yards, but not enough to break us. We still need to work on the run defense. Great effort though!

5. We got pressure on Jake! Beautiful! Let's see more of that. Those two straight sacks by Justin was tremendous! Great job! The pass coverage was there too giving Justin enough time to get the sacks!

6. Save the celebrations for, at least, after the play! I know Deltha and Tory were fired up and made great interceptions, especially Tory's one handed grab, but save the "#1 finger" stuff for later. Still hard to deny them that against their old team that let them go. Minor point.

7. Some other thread talked about Graham's lack of distance. He nailed that 53 yard FG! That was sweet. Anything over 45 yds is no gimmie. I think all of his kickoffs landed around the 10 yard line, but our special teams have played very well this year. They covered kickoffs and punts very well last night.

8. Rudi kept hammering away, and the o-line did a great job against an aggressive defense who seemed to be blitzing a lot.

9. Chad let his play do the talking! I like that a lot better!

We are far from perfect, but I'll take the way they played last night vs against the Browns anyday of the week and ten times on Sunday!

Great effort! Fixable little things. Some things (run defense) are still worrisome, but they only bent at times instead of breaking. Major improvement!

Damn last night was sweet!!!

Now, no letdowns! Get ready for the Titans!


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The oline didn't wake up, they got healthier.  This is the first game where injured offensive linemen weren't starting.

I thought they were intact last week.

Yeah, but I think we underestimate the whole timing angle to this. That's why, ordinarily, you work this stuff out in the preseason. This line has not played together healthy since last season except beginning in Cleveland. I think we can expect much more consistent play out of them from here on out.

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That win was awesome! The D looked great just like when they played the Fins.

Is it possible to get the rest of the games moved to the evening. I'm guessing it might give Justin Smith time to recover from his Saturday night hangovers.

:lol: I know the feeling....

The question is,

Which Bengals team will come out to play?

the team that played the Patriots, Dolphins, Jets (great game still) and Broncos?

or the one that played the Browns? (without a doubt, the worst game of the season, the only one we weren't in)

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BengalBob...I'm glad you pointed out the kick coverages. That was a HUGE factor in our win. They weren't able to get extra yards on kick returns once, which greatly helped our overall field position.

Also, hats off to the D for not giving up that big play. I was waiting for it to happen, but it never did. A couple of close calls, but we came out alright in that area.

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Good Stuff:

Chad's TD set the tone. I like that they were going to take Bailey on and force him to make plays.

O-Line did a great job.

Palmer looked more comfortable as the game wore on.

It was good to see Rudi get going too. Steinbach's block was awsome.

It looked like Les Frazier was running the Eagles D last night. Dave Lapham asked him if there was a down that they didn't blitz on and he said no. I think it is what we've been waiting for with these coaches. Perhaps the HC and the DC have come to an understanding after last week in Cleveland.

Bad Stuff:

Stupid penalties. How many false starts last night?

Questionable play calling and execution on the red zone. This game should have been over by halftime.

Denver's cheap cut blocking.

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Another thing I noticed:

Bengals stayed in position to make a play on defense instead of over pursuing.

Wasn't it Kim Herring who stayed in position on that play in the second half that resulted in an intentional grounding penalty on Jake? That was beautiful! In previous games they probably would've bit hard on the fake sweep and given the QB all the time to run or throw. Instead, Herring is in position and forces Jake into a bad decision!


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Good point. Kaesviharn and Herring were consistently in position against the run, the pass, and on the blitz.

Madieu Williams made two potential TD saving tackles on a few of those Droughans runs up the middle. Took the man down by himself with no help behind him. I am becoming a real Williams fan.

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