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Daugherty: Please, Bengals, don't embarrass us


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Marvin Lewis is wearing a mouthpiece to bed, because he's grinding his teeth in his sleep. It's not a big problem, the coach says; he only sleeps four hours a night. See, Bengal Fan? There is always someone out there who has it worse than you do. After tonight, Marvin might be pounding creamed corn.

The Bengals are on "Monday Night Football" for the first time since 1992. You wouldn't call the local mood celebratory. It's more like God-I-hope-they-don't-get-killed. Not to paint too rosy a picture. But it seems the Perfect Storm: Denver has the NFL's best-known running game and hottest running back. Cincinnati plays the run like a fish plays the piano.

Are we ready for some football? Do we have a choice?

There have been no shock-the-world pronouncements from Chad Johnson this week. Grandmaster Quote isn't doing any fortune-talking on this game, not after last week. "I'm going to keep it quiet. Next week, I'll be back to my old self," was the best Johnson could do. "If we play well, why not give it to us again? On any given Sunday, you never know what's going to happen." That's right. But this is Monday.

Any chance the Broncos might overlook the Bengals vanished with the timing. Overlooking is for Sunday. Monday is for showing off. That doesn't benefit the Bengals, either. Lewis has said his players want to do too much. If you overreach in Cleveland, if you swing too hard against the Browns on Sunday afternoon, what might you do on Monday night? Eric Steinbach was 12 the last time the Bengals played on Monday. So was Carson Palmer.

One of the few Bengals with Monday exposure won't play at all. Jon Kitna said of the experience, "It's as close to playoff atmosphere as you feel. Guys have to get that energy out early in the game. Guys who are predisposed to being overly excited, you have to try to get them the ball early to calm them down.'' Palmer will throw to Johnson in the parking lot before the Anthem.

It must have sounded like a good idea last April, when ABC and the NFL sat down and made the Monday schedule: Hot new coach, dead team walking, new young quarterback. How 'bout the Bengals?

"That was probably the thought," John Madden said Friday. "You try and pick those teams that were very close a year ago. (Lewis) got them going in the right direction. They've been kind of off the map for quite a while."

The last time Madden broadcast a game in Cincinnati, Sam Wyche was the coach. "What's the food that's so popular there?" Madden asked. Cincinnati chili.

"Yeah. Love that stuff. Chili and spaghetti," Madden said. "They have that in Green Bay, too. Pretty good mixture." When asked what else he remembered about Cincinnati, Madden mentioned Spinney Field, the Bengals former practice slum, where the 8th Street viaduct dripped a liquid that peeled car paint, and the air smelled like a disaster movie.

"It just felt like there was something being emitted there that you were going to live with the rest of your life," Madden said.

Some of us might say the same about the pro sports franchises here. Lately, our motto has been, "Expect the worst and you'll never be disappointed." Tonight, with Paul Brown Stadium full, downtown glowing and America tuned in, all we really want is not to be embarrassed again.

Lewis was brought in to resurrect a team, not a town. If he happens to achieve a little of both, all the better. Not long ago, someone sent Lewis a fishing rod, with a note reminding him to be patient. If the pole doesn't work, he can always chat with season ticket-holders. Meantime, coach, pop in that mouthpiece.

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My Spinney field perspective:

Through the early 90's I worked for my fathers’ ad agency in downtown Cincy. I raced bicycles professionally from 91-99 and used to ride my bicycle to work and back from training in the evenings. I used to take the 8th street viaduct back to the west-side and usually would stop to watch some of Bengals practice, maybe 10 minutes or so.

What struck me as most unsettling was seeing the proximity of the 55 gal drums of who knows what on the immediate other side of the east fence of the field. On the north was some type of metal recycling or scrap yard. The place was in a dump. No surprise that the Bengals could not generate any interest form visiting FA's and probably scared draft choices so bad, they would intentionally flub interviews to assure that the Bengals would not draft them.

In 1998 I moved to San Diego to continue training for cycling (why I did not do this sooner I'll never know, maybe a woman was involved). As part of one of my routes we would ride out mission valley and head up past Qualcom. We would take a bike path that went right past the Charges facility. The differences were so great, it was beyond comprehension. Now, we all know the Chargers are not setting the world on fire as of late, but having the facilities has to make many other parts of running a quality pro team much easier.

Having the Bengals move out of Spinney and into an actual facility for professional athletes will make drafting, attracting and keeping players much easier.

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As I came in to work this morning, my boss (a Steeler fan) asked me what I thought about tonight's game. I said that I just hoped the Bengals didn't embarass us tonight. He laughed and said that any team on any Sunday . . .

Imagine my pride when I called up the Enquirer and read Mr. Daugherty's words. Yea verily, I do have my thumb on the pulse of Bengal Nation!!!!

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  • 2 years later...
I didn't even bother to read the article yet, but Didn't he write an article like this the time Denver came to town on Monday night?

Daughtery is a douchebag.

Squirrelboy, (that's my favorite name of yours) this is from that very game that the Bengals pulled a huge upset in, and exactly why I posted it. We need to revive some of that old magic from it. :bengal:

I know I've been very negative about the Bengals as of late. I'm just trying to swing it the other way. B)

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Does anyone here really think that the '04 Broncos are comparable to the '07 Patriots?

Upsetting Denver that year, was akin to winning $100 on a scratch ticket.

Beating the Pats would be more like hitting Powerball.

C'mon Powerball! :D

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I have a fantasy question about Glenn Holt. Does he return all the kickoffs? My league includes return yardage and I believe he might be my best option this week as a WR3. Nobody is viewing the fantasy blog so I had to try this without making my first post an off topic new thread. By the way, I am a Jets fan and will be pulling for the Bengals this week. Good luck and knock Brady out for a few weeks if possible...

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Holt has returned most kickoffs of late, but I'm not sure I'd rely on him if you have other options.

thank you.... my only other option is Isaac Bruce....

I'd go with your other option in Bruce as well. I'm not a huge fan of Holt at the moment. I think I'd rather see Skyler Green doing the return duties for Cincinnati right now.

BTW...welcome to Bengalszone! Jets fans are ALWAYS welcome here. You guys show class few Steeler fans can match! :sure:

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What is Marvin's record on Sunday, Monday or Thursday night games?

This may not be accurate... anyone please correct me if so.


Miami @ Cincy - W

Denver @ Cincy - W


Cincy @ Jacksonville - L


Baltimore @ Cincy - W

Cincy @ Indy - L


Baltimore @ Cincy - W


That looks about right. I like your avatar by the way. Great album.

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