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Kellen Winslow has a broken leg?


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On the topic of Tight Ends and full strength, there is no way we have Heap next week. As such, based on your comment, I expect your team to forfeit.

Without Heap, Im feeling alot better about this weekend. McMicheal torched us over the middle last night without Herring and Beckett in there. As for Winslow, I wish I could say I felt bad.....

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Don't write us off just yet. Not underestimating the value of Heap, but I don't expect you guys to stop Jamal.

And it is hard to feel bad for Winslow. The kid has a bad rep, whether warranted or not.

Write you off is one thing none of us will do any time soon. As for Jamal, I dont know, if Heap is out, the Bengals will likely make Boller beat them. I for one , may be willing to take that risk.

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Winslow is definitely out, http://msn.foxsports.com/story/3025660

The article said he may may return this year, but it won't be for a long time. I too would rather beat a team at full strength, but you take what you can get and exploit any weaknesses.

As for the Ravens, Heap may not play, but the man that makes that team is still going to be on the field. It could very well end up being like the Dolphins game, which would be ok if we got the same result.

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Injuries From Sunday

DT - Gerrard Warren 2-4 weeks (Pectoral Muscle)

DE - Courtney out for the year ("Liz Franc" ligament")

TE - Winslow out til mid November at best (Right Fibula)

DE - Ebenezer Ekuban DTD (Groin Injury)

LG - Paul Zukauskas DTD (Left MCL)

RT - Ryan Tucker 2-4 weeks (Strained Quadracep)

Not good at all, we must be jinx, 2 years with so many critical injuries.


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