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Burrow Playoff stats???? No 4th Qtr TDs


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You guys especially MEM have been wrong the entire time!  Burrow isn't elite!   Gosh darn it, bengals suck again.

I'm not sure why this topic is popping up but it is.  Both Nick Wright and McaFee have commented on it.  Of course you see it on Chiefs board.       Complete horse crap.  

Here is why he is an elite playoff performer:

1.  He owns 3 true road playoff victories in 4 games.  Not favored in any.  Titans (-4), Chiefs (-7), Bills (-6). 

2.  2021 Titans - Joe didn't need a 4th QTR TD to win.   With 20 seconds left he threw a strike to Chase for 19 yards.  Then they centered it for McPherson.

3. 2021 Chiefs - down 21-3.  Joe didn't need a 4th or OT TD or the extra 13 yards to win.  In OT all he needed was a FG from Chiefs 13 to win. (Joe drove them to the 13, it was pretty obvious they played for a FG once Joe Mixon and Joe Burrow carved through them.)

4. 2022 Bills -  Joe didn't need the 4th QTR TD or extra 2 yards from the Buffalo 2 to seal the game in the middle of the 4th quarter.  He beat them up so badly that a FG would do. 

From that 2021 AFC Champ team.  2 OL starters played their last NFL game to date in Superbowl 56.  They didn't retire.  They've failed to make rosters.  A third starter was practice squad in 2022 then cut and believe trying to make Denver's team.  

From that 2022 Runner AFC team - There are 2 starting OL coming back from the starting line ups vs. Buffalo and KC.  The remainder are returning from injury or switching spots.

Any Bengal fan, Rival fan, media personality wishing to indulge in such ignorant debate, read above.  


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1 minute ago, Stripes said:

We know what we have. Acknowledging clown takes is pointless.

If it was just fans, true.   National media?   That's how you end up with Ken Anderson was just dink dunk system QB.    National media clown takes must be refuted. 



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Caring what any of these idiots spew is an exercise in futility. You would be better off driving nails into the back of your hand then putting stock in those clowns.

Burrow owns a 5-2 post season record with those losses coming in the AFCCG and the Super Bowl. Pretty sure having a QB who consistently has his team deep in the playoffs is a good thing.

We aren’t talking Dalton who took his team to the playoff 4 straight years and could never manage a single win.

(Sorry Andy)

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