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Buckeyes 2022 (Updated)


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Offense is keeping them in the CFP.  Defense has 7 freshman starters I believe, and some duds.  A new DC in Coombs who got his play-calling taken away.  This probably isn't their year, but if they score enough points, anything can happen I guess.  

Just enjoying the Bearcats and Buckeyes at #4/#5,  NFL talent all over their rosters.  Lots of local/regional guys.

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  • ArmyBengal changed the title to Buckeyes 2022 (Updated)

Since this thread got bumped, I thought I would update to the 2022 season.

I'm looking forward to this season and have big expectations despite some of the losses from last year's team.
The schedule opens with Notre Dame at home and we are planning on being there for that one.
The plan is to hit the Michigan game at home as well to get some payback from last season.

Overall, I'm pumped up for the football season to get started.

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I can’t believe we just lost that game.  We had it in our hands.  Those plays after Stroud’s run put us in long FG range cost us that game.  Don’t like the run call, then we ran a hurry up play to catch GA off guard and it backfired.

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Couldn’t agree more. Those plays after his run were the dagger. They got cute instead of sticking with what got them in the position to start with.

”Bet they won’t expect a run right here”

There were some calls I think the refs screwed up royally, but we were in a position to win and missed. Ugh !!

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