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College Football Final 4


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Ok based on their kick-ass season, I've got the buckeyes at 1.

At 2 I've got the OSU freshman team, they haven't actually played as a team, but Washington's non-conference schedule CAN'T be rewarded.

At 3 I've got the 2014 National Championship Ohio State Team.  Are we trying to pick the best 4 teams or not?

At 4 I've got the Buckeye Valley High School varsity football team.  They wear scarlet and gray unis, just like a little Ohio State, my god, it's cute.  Clemson could make a case to be in this spot, but they're all too stupid.




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Seriously, Alabama looks strong. I watched their game against Florida tonight, a good team. After being down early, the defense stepped up and the Tide rolled.

Their QB now is no A.J. McCarron, but he can run. I believe they will be in the title game, but the Buckeyes will not.

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Ok, remember that amazing bowl game about ten years ago when Oklahoma was really good?  They played Boise State and got beat, Boise ran a creative offense, and pulled off some amazing plays on offense, not necessarily trick plays, but very creative.

That coach, the guy from Boise State, is now the coach for Washington.  I expect them to give 'Bama a game, also helping will be the fact that the Bama players won't take Washington seriously, they'll be thinking about Clemson and Ohio State.  

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