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Tale of the tape - A lesson for our O Coord from Pats


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Keep in mind, I'm not a coach and have coordinated 0 offenses or defenses at any level other than video games.     This week when the All-22 came out, my first goal was to try to tell what the difference was between the Defense when they were playing very well and then when the Pats jumped on them after the safety or penalties.

I couldn't really tell any particular adjustment.   The Pats just aren't scared to constantly challenge you with their talent even if you stop them a few times.

First Drive, First Half

Pressure on Brady was constant for every drop back.   So on a 3rd and 9, Bengals rush 4, Man Coverage.  Rush gets there, Brady steps up and finds Gronk for 32.  Dansby had good initial coverage but lost Gronk down the sideline on the step up.     The defense recovers and holds to a FG.

2nd/3rd drive,  First Half.   The Pats started making RB the first or 2nd options in the passing game.   The pressure continued from the front 4.   Bengals running various zones and Man coverages.

4th drive, First Half.    After the infamous Dre penalty extending the drive.   You could see the zone coverage falling apart and the Pats making the RB a first read to take toll. 

Pats got a big play on a First and 10, mid field.   Bengals rush 4, zone coverage.   Pats run Gronk and RB underneath which sucks up the LBs.   Hogan goes right behind the vacant spot in front of the single deep safety.   Then a horrible pursuit and tackling job which becomes a theme in the 2nd half.

The next play.  Pats run Gronk up the seam into the endzone,  Dansby holds up and delays while White uses speed to get open easy TD.   This was almost the same on both his TDs.

2nd half

The Bengals D started well forcing a punt and getting good pressure.

After the safety the holes start to show as the Pats keep going back to what they are confident will eventually work.

2nd drive - Big play to Bennett.  Bengals Rush 4, Pats fake first read throw to RB.   That sucks up Shaw and Burfict.  Bennett sneaks in right behind them 24 yards.

Big play Gronk.   Bengals rush 4.   Man coverage.   Gronk on Shaw.  Gronk shoves to get separation.  Cuts inside to middle in front of single deep safety.   Horrible pursuit by Iloka big 38 yard gain.

Next play.  Pats play the Gronk/White 2 man game again.   This time the ball goes to Gronk, Although they could have probably thrown to white.   Just challenging soft coverage/zone and trusting the throw/read would be correct with the catch made.   TD.

Probably the most embarrassing Bengal play.   3rd drive.  Big play Gronk.    Bengals Rush 5 (kinda)  5th rushers was Iloka who was to Jam Gronk then rush.   Iloka  JAMS Gronk sorta,  Basically Gronk throws him down.   But his momentum was stopped and Burfict playing man behind.   Piss poor coverage by Burfict still allowing Gronk to get behind him.

At this point, I'll add in Burfict looks a little fat.  Maybe it's the hair cut. 

This leads to another James White TD in which the Pats use the 2 man game Gronk/White vs. whatever zone coverage we put out there.  

Finally -  Bengals Rush 4, play zone.   Hunt holds up Bennett.   I mean holds him up.  Dansby darts out of his zone to take White (makes sense).   Bennett after being raped by Hunt at LOS still find hole right where Dansby left in front of defenders.

The Pats played this game all day long it seemed.   Challenging the Bengals to be disciplined in Zone defense, make tackles and trusted Gronk/White talent to win out over soft coverage.

This is what the Bengals need to do with AJ Green and Gio.    IMO,  they just aren't aggressive enough with the mismatch that Gio forces against LBs.   Then start putting Green into vacated zones when coverage panics to stop Gio.



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The LB as a whole are all SLOW, they are just as bad as the O-Line.

Burfict does look very heavy out there. You know ever since they gave him that money he has gone downhill. 

This team needs a haul at LB for sure, maybe try Vigil out there, he probably there most athletic LB, and put Vinny Rey back in.

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3 hours ago, AMPHAR said:

I couldn't really tell any particular adjustment.   The Pats just aren't scared to constantly challenge you with their talent even if you stop them a few times.

And there it is. That's basically the definition of "imposing your will." Don't worry about what the other team is doing, worry about what you are going to do to them.

Unfortunately the key to that is consistent execution and right now the Bengals' offense can't be counted on to run even a simple play right twice in a row, while the D (as noted above) keeps getting fooled, lost or just fails.

They are a bad team right now. Not as bad as some squads I've seen -- but that only means they are likely to eke out just enough wins to put them out of blue-chip player range in the 2017 draft.

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