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Fantasy Football 2016

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2 hours ago, HoosierCat said:

she's a saint, I'm sure

Nope she's a Bengal !!! :grin::grin:  (or she will be after the honeymoon when we see the Bengals vs Denver and then Miami) 

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I see the extra spot added, do we have a 12th yet ??
Certainly changes up who might be there in each round when adding two more teams.
GOOD TIMES !!!  I love this !!!

My son added the Yahoo app on his freakin' Xbox One last night and was doing mock drafts on it.
I wasn't even aware he could do that.  Pretty cool !!!

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Well Saturday is the big day for the draft. I think I'll spend a lot of it setting up my players and doing mock drafts to warm up. The little voice inside my head says let auto-draft do it seeing how bad you screwed the pooch last year. 

What to do?

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Just sat and watched a buddy of mine who's in town do his FF draft and I couldn't believe where players were going.
Goes to prove that you have to be happy with the guys on your team.  Hard to root for guys you don't like and play for teams you despise.

Either way around, ArmyBengal Jr. and I are ready to go !!!

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I finally got a decent 12 man mock draft done. Can I keep this team for our league?


Round 1, Pick 1 (1st Overall)

Antonio Brown Pit - WR

Round 2, Pick 12 (24th Overall)

Cam Newton Car - QB

Round 3, Pick 1 (25th Overall)

C.J. Anderson Den - RB

Round 4, Pick 12 (48th Overall)

Marvin Jones Jr. Det - WR

Round 5, Pick 1 (49th Overall)

Giovani Bernard Cin - RB

Round 6, Pick 12 (72nd Overall)

DeSean Jackson Was - WR

Round 7, Pick 1 (73rd Overall)

Antonio Gates SD - TE

Round 8, Pick 12 (96th Overall)

Andy Dalton Cin - QB

Round 9, Pick 1 (97th Overall)

Sterling Shepard NYG - WR

Round 10, Pick 12 (120th Overall)

Isaiah Crowell Cle - RB

Round 11, Pick 1 (121st Overall)

Minnesota Min - DEF

Round 12, Pick 12 (144th Overall)

Ross Martin NYJ - K

Round 13, Pick 1 (145th Overall)

Pittsburgh Pit - DEF

Round 14, Pick 12 (168th Overall)

Sammie Coates Pit - WR

Round 15, Pick 1 (169th Overall)

Braxton Miller Hou - WR


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10 minutes ago, HoosierCat said:

According to the yahoo draft grader I am finishing 12th this year! Take that mutherpuckers, I am the King of Suck!

I finished 12th last season. You're welcomed to take my crown.

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