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Pauly G Thoughts on the Draft Pick


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I was able to go to the Bengals draft party last night.   After the pick Pauly G came down and gave his thoughts on the pick.   This is a summary of what I heard.

1.  Fastest guy at the combine.

2. His speed stood out and I believe he said Willie Jack was among the top 4 prospects they saw at the combine.

3. Could have sworn he said they had him rated up there with Jalen Ramsey.  

4.  Houston left him on a Island exclusively. 

5.  Someone asked about the LB (Myles Jack) -  he said that they place a premium on Cover guys and rush guys over LB.   He said even back when he was LB coach, he would recommend them passing on LB prospects in the mid rounds in favor or cover and rush guys and he could make do with Undrafted guys.

Certainly sounded like a team called them about a trade and offered a 5th or 6th to switch spots and they didn't want to do it with this guy on the board. 


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31 minutes ago, AMPHAR said:

He also highlighted the fact he led the nation in pass break ups.

Also a fan asked him what he thought about Pittsburgh reaching for a DB right behind them and he said he doesn't care about Pitt.    I have some of it on video, is there a way to upload?

If you YouTube it then link to it should work.

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