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SI Gives Vinny Rey Some Love


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Good read in the mummukub section.

Reys biggest contribution was a last-second audible that demonstrated a Burfict-esque understanding of the game.

As the Seahawks took control of the ball with 3:37 remaining in the fourth quarter, trying to build upon their 24-21 lead or at least chew up the clock, the Bengals needed a three-and-out to give Andy Dalton enough time to either tie or win the game. Rawls ran on first and second down, setting up third-and-4 from Seattles 26-yard line. At that point, Bengals defensive coordinator Paul Guenther radioed in a double call to the defensive play-callers helmet. Which means, Rey says, I have the responsibility to make one call or another, based on what I see. I might change it in pre-snap once a game, or 10 times a game.

The Bengals initially showed blitz, with Rey and fellow linebacker Emmanuel Lamur standing a few feet away from Wilson, who began gesturing an audible at the line of scrimmage. Behind Rey, safety George Iloka began screaming for the second call, but Rey didnt hear him. At the last moment, Rey made the switch on his own, calling for both linebackers to retreat six yards into coverage instead of going after the quarterback. I just had the feeling to go to something different, Rey says. The tight end who wouldve been open for a first down behind Lamur was now covered. The result: Atkins sacked a flustered Wilson at the line, Seattle punted, and Dalton led a game-tying drive to force OT.

Interesting tidbit near the end:

Ironically enough, Rey could have been wearing a Seahawks uniform on Sunday if not for a last-minute deal near the end of the 2010 season. After the Bengals stashed him on the practice squad, agent Brian Hamilton began negotiating a deal with Seattle to sign him. The linebackers bags were even checked on a plane headed to Seattle and the airline was calling his name at the Cincinnati terminal when his agent worked out a deal with the Bengals to retain Rey. Four years later, he was a key factor in arguably one of the biggest wins in the Andy Dalton Era.

It's been up and down for LNR. Great 2013 in relief of FNR, then a pretty miserable 2014, now bouncing back this year. Here's hoping the arrow continues to point up.

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Yep, and here's hoping a healthy Burfict comes back to make it even better.

Amen to that ... you gotta keep improving and developing ...liking the potential we have, would love a wee bit more impact now too though

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No Army I agree, but it's not like the defense is lights out, or the LBs are playing at a high level. This is what Marvin does he dosnt trust the young guys to make a difference. Usually it's with the CBs, but this time it's with a LB. Still hoping to see him, but sounds like we won't.

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My guess is that it will play out like normal: sometime in the last few weeks there will be an injury and Dawson will start and look like some combination of Ray Lewis and Batman. And we will all be like "WTF why wasn't he in earlier eff Marvin and his favoring sucky vets???" And I will be ok with it but we will bitch anyhow cause it's what we do.

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Oh, don't get me wrong, I wasn't saying the LB's have been awesome or anything of that nature, but rather saying 5-0 is still 5-0.

I would simply love to see Dawson out there, but then we may not be 5-0 right now if that were the case. Who knows ??

I've come a long way in trusting what the coaches are seeing and saying about players and why they aren't getting snaps.

If the coaches are saying he's not all the way ready, then he's not all the way ready.

If he comes in looking like Ray Lewis, it will probably be because they got him up to speed and ready to make an impact.

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