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Postgame locker room speech


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None of it will mean too much without a win next week and/or a win @ Pitt. We HAVE to win one of the two to make the playoffs.

Nice moment in time where they could acknowledge Hue and Nugent after the loss of their fathers.

Regardless of the seasons outcome, they will look back on that and remember that someone cared.

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Agree that there are ways for them to get to the playoffs and that it's not the best way for it to go down.

While I don't like the "one and done" playoff outcomes, who would have guessed after drafting Dalton in the 2nd round that we would see the Bengals make the playoffs 4 seasons in a row ?? While I enjoy the draft conversation more than most, it's nice to not have that be the dominant conversation by the time October ends.

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The Bengals can lose both games and still make the playoffs. They really don't need some crazy scenario to play out for that to happen either. A lot of teams are on a 9-7 at best trajectory and 9-6-1 beats that.

Not that it would be the best way to enter the postseason.

I believe the last 2 Giant SB victories were 9-7 wildcard teams.

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I'm feeling a home playoff game vs. the Ravens.

This, of course, means that it won't happen that way.

I don't want to have to beat a team 3 times in one season though. I also don't like the matchup with Pitt or Indy. That said, I'd prefer the Ravens over the latter 2 if it came to just winning one playoff game (all I expect or hope for at this point).

Hill should be the focus of their offense now, not Dalton or AJ, if they want to have a chance of beating any playoff-caliber teams. You gotta play good defense and give him and Gio the ball a lot.

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