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Welp, So Much for the Feel-Good Story of the Year


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The working theory is that, given that he was apparently paying support up to last July, it's related to him being cut, PS'd and then brought back. He's likely making less as a result and there's a dispute over how much his support payments should be based on the new lower income. That's speculation but seems reasonable. Still, as the say in PR the optics are horrible.

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I will say this

(and no, I am not defending non-payment of CS)

his income dropped substantially when he was put on the practice squad at the beginning of the year. Practice Squad players I think makes something like 80k (dont quote me) a year versus min vet salary being something like 5-6 times that figure

so it might be that he was unable to pay the CS judgement amount on the lower income

Looking at the report, it appears the timing of this issue more or less corresponds with him going on the PS

Also - does the bengals health insurance pay 100% of her treatments, or could all of his funds been going to pay the copayments/coinsurance for Leah's treatment? it has to cost a fortune and a half for all that.

all that said, when he was elevated to the regular roster he should have caught those payments up (or gotten them closer to caught up) right away

emphasis on "should have"

in any case, he should have also gone to the Bengals and gotten a loan or whatever to ensure this mess did not blow up in his face, or failing that been transparent in advance about it - "hey, I am behind on my child support, and here's why".

Bottom line for me - I cannot believe given how he has behaved in all other aspects of his situation with Leah that he'd deny her any of his money, and I believe (I hope!) we'll hear an explanation that clears all this up

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