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3 teams left undeafted Bengals only team left in AFC.


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In an unrelated aside I just saw four guys in robes with scythes ride horses down the street...

That's probably Mike Brown's fault as well.


Easy way to tell is if they had gaotrade with them from practice. If not, it surely was his doing.

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Oh yeah, like anything could bring you down this week, getting to walk around Nashville in your Bengals jersey with a big smile on your face.

Honestly, as I've been telling all my students...it really wasn't all that enjoyable to me.

It's like picking the slowest kid in school and beating him at a race.

Glad we won and took care of business, but the Titans were just hard to watch.

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Two ironclad, irrefutable reasons why skyline needs to change his screenname to goldstar:


Recent developments have hardened my opinion that Peter King is essentially a corporate shill for the NFL. A pawn. I unfollowed him on Twitter. Pictures like the above reinforce my belief. King doesn't report on the NFL, he does what he's told, he trades access for compliance and unquestioned allegiance. He actually protects the shield better than most league employees.

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