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In Soviet NFL, Halftime Act Pays You!

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This league has taken grubbing for cash to a whole new level. Wait 'till every game is a pay tv type deal, like no more free TV games. It's probably coming. I'm a huge Taylor Swift fan so I hope they get her to play halftime at the Super Bowl. She'll play all her new songs from her new cd where she turned into a pop singer. I'm not mad that she turned her back on her country roots, I could never stay mad at you, Taylor! Even a super Taylor fan Iike me can forgive you Taylor, say, if you were to unblock me on Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, Google+, MySpace (yes, MySpace), the US Mail, text messaging, spray painting overpasses around Nashville, AOL Taylor Fanatics Message Board, All Random Taylor Blogs Everywhere, sending you pictures of my junk, praying to you, jizzing all over your picture (only ones where you are 18 or older), and finally, my favorite, Circle of Creepy Old Men With Dial Up Who Love Taylor. Unblock me from a minimum of 3 of those, Taylor, and we can be friends again.

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Are you a star rookie Cleveland QB who flips off the opposing sideline? Get fined $12k!

Are you a singer who flips off the camera at the SB halftime show?


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