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Bye Week Game Thread


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Go Broncos! Go Cards!

Oh Yeah !! Lets hope that we can gain a wee bit more advantage as we heal the wounded this week, and then come back for the final 5 with a few recovered players and an O that can function more successfuly.

The Defences we face over the final stretch aren't like anything we've faced earlier in the season :-

Chargers allow 389 yds per game (ranked 27th) allow 22.2 pts per game (ranked 11th) allowed 40% of 3rd down conversions (ranked 23rd)

Colts allow 365 yds per game (ranked 22nd) allow 22 pts per game (ranked 10th) allow 39% of down conversions (ranked 22nd)

Steelers allow 340 yds per game (ranked 14th) allow 24.1/2 pts per game (ranked 19th) allow 38% of 3rd down conversions (ranked 19th)

Vikings allow 391 yds per game (ranked 30th) allow 32 pts per game (ranked 32nd) allow 49% of 3rd down conversions (ranked 32nd)

Ravens allow 339 yds per game (ranked 13th)allow 21.2 pts per game (ranked 8th) allow 33% of 3rd down conversions (ranked 3rd)

If our O can't make a statement over these 5 games then we don't deserve to make any headway in the post season. I believe we need to take ownership of our destiny and play like the team we were earlier in the year, ...... please please, please avoid limping into the play-offs and falling at the first hurdle

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Lets also take a moment to remember the times as Bengals fans where the bye week brought on threads such as:

"Bye Week favored by 10 over Bengals"

Nice to see things have taken a turn for the better !!!


Bears imploding. Defense just gave up a 61 yard TD run then on their first offensive snap Forte fumbles, Rams ball first and goal.

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Pitt has been looking pretty tough as of late, but the Browns are just a mess right now

Remember two weeks ago when they were the best team in the AFC North? Ah, good times... :lol:

I was thinking the same thing.

Two weeks ago, they were the best team in the AFCN with an elite QB.

Now ?? The worst team in the AFCN, no QB, and all but eliminated from the playoffs.

Amazing what two weeks can do to a team huh ??

Not like we are immune. Didn't we lose like 3-4 guys for the season in two weeks ??

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