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Donkeys vs Ratbirds


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The 1st game is often not indicative of the entire season but if it is in this case it'll be a long yr for Balt. Their defense looked worse than I've ever seen from a Raven team and Flacco's lack of receivers to throw to really look like glaring issues. After Jones got hurt, that left them with only 3 available WRs. I guess they didn't keep 7 like we did

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Hensley is such a terrible journalist.

But it became clear, from the cringe-filled 3 1/2 hours on national television to the sobering atmosphere in the locker room, that the Ravens' 49-27 loss was self-inflicted. The Broncos didn't beat them. The Ravens beat themselves.


I have no idea why this quote is that color.

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I have no idea why this quote is that color.

Fixed. :)

While Hensley is a tool, I don't completely disagree. The Ravens did look like the Keystone Kops out there last night starting just about the time that their own player took out Jacoby Jones while he was trying to field a punt. I have never seen anything like that play. It wasn't like he was pushed into him or tripped or anything, he just hammered his own guy. At that point I said to myself, oh boy, this game is about to go off the rails for Baltimore. And it did.

I would say, though, that while the defense and special teams crapped the bed, the Ravens offense didn't beat itself, it got its butt kicked. Partially that was due to injuries but even before Jones got hurt and Oher left they were looking shaky. Flacco has no weapons other than Ray Rice and Rice can't do it all.

With the D a clown show and the O a train wreck, it could be a long season in Baltimore.

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Fun fact:

Baltimore didn't give up it's 7th passing TD until week 10 last season. lol.gif

If I had more time, I would love to make a trip to a Ravens board and see if the meltdown has begun.

Seriously though, they had so much turnover on the defensive side of the ball, there had to be some growing pains.

You don't just replace a Rey Lewis and Ed Reed and think things are going to be the same without missing a step.

Like any other young team, they have to give it time.

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