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Titans @ Bengals Pregame Chatter


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Some injury updates from Marvin today.

-- Green and Whit may be back vs. Tennessee

-- Hawkinson in a boot but improving. Ruled out against Tennessee. They brought Otis back for a workout.

-- Hawkins confirmed as an IR/recall candidate. He was seen in a cast today.

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I'd like to see the Bengals' first teams dominate what I perceive to be a vastly inferior opponent, but it's preseason so whatever. Vanilla game planning can be a great equalizer. Continue to stay healthy above all else. Last week I was panicking on every damned snap about injuries. I hate exhibition!

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Going to the game with my wife and ArmyBengal Jr and can't wait to watch some more of this team.

3 tickets to the preseason game ?? That's right $18.00 on Ebay.

Hell, it's going to cost me more to park than for all 3 of us to go to the game.

I want to see another series or two from the starter depending on how the first series goes.

Just no injuries please.

Anyone else having site issues today ??

I had to go through the main site to get to the forum.

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Nah, site has been fine for me lately, tho I did have that one day with problems not long ago.

Now if you want problems you could have been me yesterday afternoon when Mrs. HoosierCat fell for one of those scam antivirus things not once but twice, with the upshot I now have no credit cards until new ones arrive from the bank. No money lost but damned inconvenient; good thing I stopped at the grocery store for beer and steaks just an hour before she did this. Then I spent the bulk of the afternoon fighting the damned piece of malware crap. I think I finally killed it, we'll see.

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My son is the one who clicked on the antivirus thing not long ago. Agree, pain in the back side for sure.

Good thing you got the steaks and beer ahead of time. What a forward thinker you are !!!

In regards to the game, I think we are going to see something similar to what we saw against the Falcons.

I expect this team to do well from start to end against a Titans team that is rebuilding themselves.

Maybe things come together for them, but i'm not expecting it.

I don't really care about the score at all in preseason.

I just want to see them play well and not get hurt in the process.

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First and foremost, I want to see an injury free game! I wasn’t too impressed with the 1st string offense and want to see them move the ball, obtain 1st downs and score TD’s this week. Yes I know it’s only preseason and we had some key players out; still want to see them do better. No penalties from Cook! I’m not a Tate fan but have to say that he brought his A game in the 1st pre-season game. Want to see him and Dane duke it out for a spot. Defense was impressive and I'd like to see more of Hunt and that bull rush! If we can stop Johnson…. Special teams, I'd like to see our kicker put the ball deep in the end zone on kick offs. I was really impressed with QB JJ! Want to see more of that.

Army, have fun at the game!

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I want an injury free game as well.

I'll be interested to see the first team D against Chris Johnson.

And I want to see how the first team interior O-line does in pass protection and the affect it has on the passing game.

I think we may begin to see some separation at some positions after this game too.

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Today's practice report: http://cincinnati.com/blogs/bengals/2013/08/12/812-the-day-at-camp/

The current injury report:

INJURIES: CB Brandon Ghee (concussion), OT Tanner Hawkinson (ankle), DE Michael Johnson (undisclosed), LB Emmanuel Lamur (undisclosed), RB John Conner (foot), LB Vincent Rey (knee), WR A.J. Green (knee), WR Tyone Goard (concussion), OT Andrew Whitworth (knee), DT Brandon Thompson (knee), OT Reid Fragel (knee), WR Andrew Hawkins (ankle); PUP — QB Zac Robinson (elbow), HB Bernard Scott (knee), FB Chris Pressley (knee)

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Could be. By all accounts Iloka is in the lead. The problem with Williams is that while he is showing good things in practice, he was up and down against the Falcons. Fortunately for him all the other safety candidates were, too.

That said, between this year and last year Mays has had every opportunity to lock down the position and has not been able to do it. I think it's fair to classify him as on the bubble.

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Thinking about it now, I want to see the things that happen in practice translate to game #2.

I want to see Hamilton catch a 60 yard bomb for a TD.

I want to see Eifert bring one down in the endzone on a jump ball.

I want to see Williams with a pick 6.

I want to see Gio break one off after getting to the edge before anyone else.

I still want no injuries more than those things, but you get my point.

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I saw AJ was back today as well and couldn't help but wonder about something.

When he got hurt, we were told it was a bruise, bone bruise, whatever.

They also said he should be back in a few/several days.

This was 3 weeks since he got hurt.

I had no issues leaving him at home against the Falcons and have no issue resting him further if need be.

However, i'm left to wonder if it was more than they were saying.

Whatever, I just want him healthy.

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Yep. I think it's a typo. That'd be a terribly written sentence otherwise.

They both went through individual drills and walkthrough situations, but Green didn't even participate in 1-on-1s and it's highly unlikely the duo won't play in Saturday's 7 p.m. preseason game against the Titans (11:35 p.m.-Cincinnati's Channel 12).
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