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British TV schedule

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Nothing I can find yet for the BBC or ESPN live games

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Not looking good so far!

Are the beeb doing Monday night games this year?


Nothing that I can see on the "beeb" so far

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Jet/Patriots? Chiefs/Eagles? Niners/Rams? Is there some law that only sh*tty football can be broadcast in the UK?

I just can't work out the formatting ... even taking into account a bias towards the more "popular" teams (49ers, Dallas, Redskins) which would obviously dictate more appearances there doesn't seem to be an even spread with the other teams.

Sky show 17 regular season weeks with 2 live games each week = 68 appearances ........ bet the Bengals get 2 at the most

No Fair. s**t and Grrrrrrrrrrrrr !!!!

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