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ArmyBengal's Mock Draft


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#1. Tavon Austin, WR/RB/KR, West Virginia

While he may be gone come pick #21, I believe he would be a playmaker on the offensive side of the ball. From a WR standpoint, we are looking at Green, Jones, Sanu, and Hawkins as a sure thing and we usually carry 6 WR’s with the 6th being inactive. While I think Sanzenbacher could be a nice addition, he could fill that #6 spot, leaving one active spot still unaccounted for. Couple that with Hawkins short term stability and it would make sense from that standpoint. We also need a 3rd down back and a kick returner and Austin has done both of those roles and done them VERY well. I just think when you get a chance to add a playmaker with such versatility; you do it and don’t look back.

#2a. Barrett Jones, OC/OT/OG, Alabama

What more do I need to say about this kid ?? All-American at all three spots on the line while playing against the highest level of competition in the country. Oh yeah, did all of this while completing his undergraduate with a 4.0 and beginning his master’s program in his junior year in school. Natural leader, intelligent and noted high character person. Could come in and push for playing time at either the center or guard position. Would also provide backup at all spots. With the thought of Whitworth getting a little slower each year, Anthony Collins coming due, and Roland probably not coming back, this pick makes all kinds of sense.

#2b. Khaseem Greene, OLB, Rutgers

Another pick I really don’t think needs much explanation. Slotted by many as only being a weak side linebacker in a 4-3 scheme, but that’s perfect for what we need. Another player with noted leadership abilities and high character. There’s still no word on Howard and Skuta is gone. Did I mention Greene also worked teams while at Rutgers ?? Sounds like a very nice fit.

#3. Bacarri Rambo, Safety, Georgia

Rambo is an interchangeable safety that is a noted ball hawk with 16 INT’s during his playing time at Georgia. While some may give pause to his suspension due to a failed drug test, him falling to the 3rd round would be a steal for someone of his talent level. A physical defender, who was noted for being able to deliver big hits while keeping his helmet up and dishing out blows with his shoulder pads. Is he a risk ?? Sure, but at this point I’m ok with the risk to reward ratio and we spent a 1st last year on Kirkpatrick.

#4. Sean Porter, OLB, Texas A&M

Another outside linebacker you say ?? Yes. Manny Lawson is in Buffalo and then there are a bunch of unknowns with Maybin with Moch. Porter is another fast linebacker that was known as filling the “joker” role in the Texas A&M defense. No, the “joker” designation doesn’t make this pick reasonable, but his athleticism would be a welcome addition.

#5. Terry Hawthorne, CB, Illinois

This write up on him was better than anything I could think up based on watching him:

Good height and frame for the position. Excellent athlete with more than enough speed for the position. Fluid footwork and smooth hip action to quickly change directions. Nice job reading and reacting in a flash to jump routes and make a play on the ball. Rangy with the make-up speed to recover and close. Physical in run support and doesn't shy from contact. Aggressive competitor and doesn't back down from a challenge. Versatile and a quick learner. Some experience as a return man on special teams.

#6a. Michael Buchanon, DE, Illinois

I watched a ton of Big 10 football last year and this is another Illinois player I wouldn’t mind seeing the Bengals grab later on if he’s still there. He’s got that long build the Bengals seem to covet in their defensive ends, but needs to add some weight. That’s nothing an NFL weight lifting program can’t help out with and God knows our current group of DE’s won’t leave him by the wayside in that regard. There is uncertainty with the long term solution of the position and getting time behind our current starters would certainly be of benefit.


Whoever the best player available is.

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While there is a much to like about this draft, I think we need to draft a legitimate bellcow running back by r4 at the latest

I know you are looking to Tavon to be a part time running back, but this doesn't change my view


I'd take that running back at r3 instead of the safety - maybe Giovanni Bernard?

safety at pick r4

second olb at pick 5

cb at r6a

and then whatever else. BPA, basically

I really don't think we need a DE this year but if the DE is BPA, so be it

I'd actually like to see them take a both 6's and a 7 and see if they cant trade them for a late 3 or an early 4 - we need more quality and less quantity this year. There are plenty of weak teams that have the opposite need, so trading partners should be abundant

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Yeah, I’ve got nothing for those final three picks.

Another OT ?? RB ?? DT ?? Whatever….

If the Bengals don’t take safety by their 3rd round pick, they might as well not draft one.

I mean they already have Miles, Iloka, and Sands. Why add more from that talent level ??

Like it or not, BJGE is our main RB for the 2013 season and the change of pace RB is the true need. If something happens to BJGE, I’m pretty sure they will go with Herron as opposed to bringing in another bell cow type.

The reason I say DE is looking at next year and long term, sort of how they did last year in drafting two DT’s when they already had Peko, Atkins, and Sims. Geathers isn’t long term, MJ is not a lock to come back next year and Dunlap will be a free agent himself. Who’s going to be counted on ?? Gilberry ?? I just think throwing a young DE to groom behind those guys is a smart move with the uncertainty.

I wish would could trade those picks as well, but you can’t trade comp picks. Sucks…

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I could give up Hawthorne for Michael in the 5th, sure.

He actually is an interesting RB with some past issues.

Again though, it’s not my desire, but rather how I think the organization views their current RB corps and why I think they would be more than willing to go with Herron as BJGE’s backup. He took advantage of his opportunities last year and God knows Mike Brown loves him some Buckeyes !!!

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