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Compensatory Picks


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Yes, now we are guaranteed to pick at least 2 WR's in the late rounds that will add up to nothing in the long run. The team is saved!! Hurray!

Now, wait. You don't know that.

There's also plenty of need to disable the safeties and cornerbacks drafted in the late rounds. There's a quota of at least 6 secondary players that must exit training camp on the inactive list.

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I have the player I want to see them use one of their 7th rounders on.

Not because I really know a d*mn thing about him, but rather it being all about the name.

Matt Stankiewitch

That's right, I said it, STANKIEWITCH !!!

He's a Center out of Penn State.

Anway, I just like the name.


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Last year the Pats snagged A. Dennard, he started several games.

That's because the guy punched a freakin cop.

He once was thought to be an early round guy until he had those issues.

The talent was always there and I wouldn't call him your typical 7th round kind of player.

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There are always great value picks at the end of the 7th,

analysis of Marvins 7th round draftee's - not much in the way of value as i see it

SEVENTH ROUND There have been 16 seventh-round selections under Lewis, the most of any round. Seven picks were dedicated to offense, and nine to defense.

Understandably, seventh-rounders have averaged just 2.7 games played as rookies. Only five of the 16 have seen first-year action. The most notable rookie season participant among seventh-rounders has been S Ethan Kilmer (2006), who played in all 16 games.

Only two seventh-rounders have recorded a start – two for S Chinedum Ndukwe (2007) and one for DE Jonathan Fanene (’05).

Five of the last eight seventh-round picks were not with the team on opening day. The last seventh-rounder to play on his rookie season opening day was C Dan Santucci (2007).

Three players spent time on the practice squad, and one spent time on Reserve/Injured.

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